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Expansion and contraction affects life elements, how does it impact your roof?

Hy-Grade Roofing designed to negate impact

Have you ever wondered what are the noises you hear in your attic? Have you walked in the woods on a crisp day, and heard that every step you took was accompanied by creaking noises coming from the trees?

You don’t have to know too much about science to accept this simple fact: cycles of hot and cold temperatures make materials expand and contract. Precipitation and seasonal weather affect the rate in which certain materials wear; rain may freeze and expand in tight areas and eventually lead to cracking, buckling, and breaking up.

It can happen to wood, it can to rocks, and it can even happen to galvanized steel.

For a roofing company to make the most secure, weather-resistant, and long-lasting steel roof, it would first have to find a way to overcome the issues caused by never ending cycles of expansion and contraction.


That was a goal set by Hy-Grade Steel Roofing company’s founder Tom Ware, who has spent the last three decades manufacturing and installing Ontario’s best permanent steel roofing system.

“We live in Ontario where there are great swings of hot and cold weather, from less than minus thirty to more than plus 30,” said Ware, President and CEO of Hy-Grade who founded the company in 1988. “The difference is so great that everything experiences expansion and contraction and steel is no exception. We manufacture a system that allows for this expansion and contraction to happen without it wearing on the fasteners.”

Through ongoing research and development, combined with 34 years of engineering and innovation, Hy-Grade has perfected a roofing system manufactured from 26-gauge,G-90 double-sided galvanized Canadian steel made in Hamilton.


The steel is pressed into shakes crafted to carefully engineered dimensions and coated with PVC four mils thick, which expands and contracts with the steel. The shakes are nailed to double strapped wood through unique angled fastening sockets. This creates self-ventilation within the roofing system which may improve the heating and cooling efficiency in your home. It also makes the roof incredibly strong and durable.


“Because our fasteners go in on an angle into a 2-by-2, it would take a tornado to rip off our steel roofs,” said Ware. “Traditional steel roofs are nailed straight down. Ours is fastened so it can’t pull up or out. We’ve had them tested for way over 120 kilometres per hour and it will not come off. If anything, a tornado would lift the whole roof off but it may still be intact. We’ve seen that happen.”

What does all that mean to consumers looking for the right solution for their roofing needs? Ware says it means a lifetime of peace of mind protection for your home.

“It means you never have to worry about fasteners as far as the roof is concerned. Everything we design is made to expand and contract without ripping the fasteners apart. We know that those fasteners are not going to work loose. We put the warranty on workmanship and part of that is being able to withstand expansion and contraction. We’ve been making them for 34 years now and we’ve never gone back where a fastener has come loose.”


Learn more about the lasting quality of a Hy-Grade steel roof, the lifetime workmanship warranty and their 50-year no leak warranty by calling 855-494-7233. Or visit them online.