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Fall automotive maintenance tips help overcome summer wear and tear

Three location of Vinnie’s Mr. Fix-it Ready to Service Your Vehicles

One of the major benefits of buying a new vehicle is the fact most makes and models are now being made with permanent fill components. Systems like transmissions are built using fluids that never require changing. As a result, many new vehicle owners forget that there are still elements of a vehicle that require servicing. This is to not only keep the vehicle running at maximum efficiency, but also to comply with warranty requirements.

Booking automotive service is especially important after a long hot summer of driving. It’s a primary reason why the experts at Vinnie’s Mr. Fixit recommend vehicle owners come in for fall service to ensure vehicle systems are ready for the upcoming winter weather.

“A lot of transmissions now have a very long service interval,” said Vince Klimkosz, owner of the three area locations of Vinnie’s Mr. Fixit. “The fluid that was put in at the factory is the fluid that stays in it until the vehicle is scrapped. We don’t see a lot of transmission servicing, but fall is a great time for other regular maintenance and general inspection.”

One of the first things to do in the fall is to change the oil in your vehicle. Even with long-life synthetic oils it’s a good idea to swap out the used oil to help protect your engine.

“We still recommend at the very least you do an oil change at least two times a year,” said Klimkosz. “It’s even better to come in a little earlier than the recommended service interval for the change to keep your vehicle running on clean oil. Dealers are in the business of selling you cars, so if you don’t continue to maintain it really well, you’re going to be back in there buying another car in five years.”

As part of fall servicing, Klimkosz recommends that vehicles undergo a light inspection to ensure all bulbs are working properly.

“We do find that bulbs tend to blow when the cooler fall weather rolls in,” he said. “When it starts hitting temperatures below zero and the frost arrives, that’s when you start seeing lightbulbs blowing. It’s important to have all the lights working, especially given how quickly it gets dark in the fall and winter months.”

Another important item to have replaced is your wiper blades. Even if the rubber seems intact the blades can be worn down and the strength of the rubber can be easily compromised. The last thing you want to happen is to loose a blade in a fall rain storm or early snowfall. New high-end blades are still an affordable item and easily replaced.

While it’s not directly related to vehicle service, Klimkosz also suggests vehicle owners start thinking about winter safety by ensuring your vehicle is packed with the right equipment.

“You should be thinking about having a good snow brush in your trunk,” he said. “You should also have an extra jug of washer fluid, a blanket, jumper cables, and a first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in a winter storm.”

Other fall maintenance includes checking to ensure the antifreeze has the strength to protect your car throughout the winner and getting your tires swapped out for winter tires. Vinnie’s offers indoor storage of summer tires as an added bonus.

“That’s become quite a popular service that’s taken off the past four or five years,” he said. “We recommend that people start coming in now to get their winter changeovers.”

With the new location now open at 86 Dawson Street across from the Dawson medical buildings, Vinnie’s Mr. Fixit now has three locations in Guelph ready to serve you.

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