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Farnworth Superior Memorials celebrates their 100th anniversary this year

Memorial Counsellors apply their expertise and skill to create unique, personalized monuments

Backed by 100 years of expertise and experience, Farnworth Superior Memorials in Guelph has etched in stone its reputation for helping those grieving a death to choose the perfect way to remember their loved one.

Farnworth is a branch of Superior Memorials, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Having that kind of experience in their corner makes Farnworth an easy choice, and employees will help guide you on your way to making some very important decisions.

For instance, consider the following essential things when creating a memorial:

Monument Type

There are various types of custom memorials you can create, including upright monuments, flat markers, pillowed markers or bronze markers.

In some cases, a flat marker is the only option available. Flat markers can be level to the ground, as well as ‘pillowed’ on a granite or cement base. They can also be made of granite or sometimes made of bronze if the cemetery allows that.

In addition, there are also columbariums, mausoleums, and benches, which provide a unique way to honour your lost ones.


When creating an upright monument, and in some cases a pillowed marker, a concrete foundation is required. Either the cemetery or the memorial company will arrange this foundation for you.


The time it takes to complete and install a monument can vary but could be six months or more, depending on many factors. It is important to take that into consideration when you meet with a memorial company to discuss all the options.

It is an important decision that takes time to think about and complete.

Memorial Size

When deciding on the size of the memorial, ensure that it’s in line with the guidelines provided by your cemetery.

The monuments width, height and thickness can differ based on your needs as well as what the cemetery will allow on your specific plot. It could also be based on if you have a single, double or family plot. If you decide that a flat marker is what you prefer, they come in various sizes and again, the size of the marker could be based on what the cemetery allows.

Material Used

A majority of the memorials Farnworth Superior Memorials creates (both upright and flat markers) are made of granite which is a great option as granite is a highly durable material. Granite is also available in different colors providing monuments with a unique appearance.

Some cemeteries allow or require bronze flat markers, but a majority of the memorials are made of granite.

Memorial Design

Design considerations of a new memorial consists of the shape, size and colour of the granite as well as the layout for the name, dates, and other information. Layouts can also include designs (flowers, animals, religious symbols and sometimes logos).

If you’re looking for more unique or custom designs, the Farnworth Superior Memorial team enjoys sitting with families and discussing how they can make the memorial and layout unique and meaningful.

Finish Quality

Custom monuments also come with various finish options.

A polished finish gives a clean, sleek appearance that reflects light. Steeled is a non-polished finish that’s durable and smooth. Another advantage of granite is you can engrave, carve, or etch it to produce a perfect memorial for your loved one due to the increased versatility of granite.


Customizing a memorial can provide personalization and make it truly one of a kind. The custom aspect of the memorial can be in the shape, design, layout or adding an etching or picture.

When you are looking to create something truly one-of a-kind, let Farnworth Superior Memorials help you along the way.

To reach one of their Memorial Counsellors for more information, please reach out online.