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Five neighbourhoods of interest in the Guelph real estate market

Guelph offers many choices for all types of buyers

There is no doubt that Guelph continues to be one of the hottest real estate markets in Ontario, and it’s easy to see why. Even though some of the smaller, more idyllic areas have evolved and changed as the city has expanded over the past three decades, Guelph as a whole contains a variety of unique and highly attractive neighbourhoods immediately appealing to new home buyers.
To help buyers discover all the great reasons to consider Guelph as a real estate option, local Realtor Hudson Smith will be publishing a series of ongoing articles that will showcase select neighbourhoods in the area. For this initial article, Smith is focusing on five of the city’s more mature areas.
“October couldn’t be a better time of year to be looking at these neighbourhoods,” said Smith, head of a team of local Realtors at the Hudson Smith Real Estate Group. “With the mature trees and fall colours, these are the kinds of areas you would drive to if you were interested in fall photography.”

St. Patrick’s Ward

“This up and comer for many years is now more than just a burgeoning area,” said Smith. “The walking score is comparable to some of Guelph’s most expensive real estate with condo development and fresh new commercial components pushing it onto everyone’s map. This is a neighborhood to watch. If you’re a foodie, you know this area well. The patio dining, café’s, local restaurants, small businesses and sporting events are all within walking distance. Guelph Storm games attract a lot of excitement, smiling faces and proud locals to this area of town.” 

Riverside Park

“This is a nostalgic one for me as this is where I grew up,” Smith said of Riverside Park. “The smell of wood stoves this time of year brings back memories of trick or treating in this stunning neighbourhood. It’s classic north-end Guelph. This part of town has arguably the most well-groomed landscapes and stunning bungalows in Guelph. It's no wonder the properties in this area rarely come up for sale, or stick around long when they are on the market. Not to mention, you’re within walking distance to the city’s annual Ribfest, trails by the river, fireworks and a winter wonderland of lights during the holiday season.“

Exhibition/St. George’s Park

“Although they’re different sides of downtown, people are drawn here for many of the same reasons,” he said. “Some of the finest old Guelph real estate can be found here, with stunning mature lots that radiate instant curb appeal. The character of the properties you find in this area truly make them unique; much like the community of people themselves. This neighborhood is nothing short of active and family oriented. You’ll find ice skating rinks, tennis courts, free book exchange, community gardens, and Guelph’s newest and most exciting playgrounds.”

Old University

“As you drive through this neighbourhood, you’ll see the changes that have happened here. Whether it’s drastic renovations or infill projects, this area works for many because of the large mature lots and one of the best walking scores to downtown parks and the university. The boathouse is one of Guelph’s finest attractions. Don’t let the line up scare you, it moves quickly and with every flavour of ice cream available, there’s something for everyone. The trail along the river is a sight to see whether the trees are changing colour in the fall or snow covered in the winter. You can rent canoes and take in the view of the waterfront properties right from the river.”

Kortright East

“This is the easiest one for me to speak about as I’ve lived here for the last 10 years,” said Smith. “Few areas if any offer such large practical homes on mature lots in one of the best locations already having those two features. This central area of Guelph is home to some of the friendliest neighbours. Since these homes are larger in size, you will find these streets are filled with kids walking to school, learning to ride their bikes, playing hopscotch and challenging their friends to a game of road hockey.”
Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, contact the Hudson Smith Real Estate Group, a trusted team of local real estate professionals. Visit them at 824 Gordon Street. Or call 519-821-3600.