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Get outside! Enjoy the fresh air, learn a new skill, and make new friends!

Guelph Rowing Club invites kids ages 11+ to learn to row this summer

It all starts with the Guelph Rowing Club's Learn-to-Row program. This year, thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the club is thrilled to offer rowing camps for kids aged 11 and up.  

Exciting New Summer Camps for Kids! 

“We’re pretty excited to get this off the ground,” says Odette Ziezold, Development Director at the club.

“Our camp coaches, ranging from varsity to high school rowers, are well-trained in both rowing coaching and safety. Campers will learn everything from rowing equipment to on-the-water techniques. At the end of the week, we’ll celebrate with a fun regatta where families are invited.”  


Why Rowing? 

Rowing offers well-documented benefits for youth. It's a fun way to get fit, make friends, and develop life skills.

Being part of the rowing community can instill a lifelong love of physical activity and healthy habits. 

From our former high school students: 

“Rowing has given me a place to help grow into myself, find self-confidence, be a part of a kind uplifting community, and make really close friends.” 

“Rowing had a very big impact on me during high school. It was great for my confidence, and it kept me grounded when I struggled with my mental health. I still lead a very active lifestyle years later in part because of the rowing program.” 


Continue Your Rowing Journey 

After summer camp, participants can join the Guelph Rowing Club's skills development follow-up program.

Once they reach high school age, they can advance to the junior program in the fall. 

Community and Fitness for All Ages 

“The benefits of rowing go well beyond just getting in shape and feeling fit,” says Michele Richardson, President of the Guelph Rowing Club. “It’s a truly social sport that fosters community and well-being. You feel the wind on your face and the splash of water—it's invigorating.” 

Joanne Ryks, a member since 1999, highlights, “We offer Learn-to-Row programs for adults 18+ and youth 11+. Our new junior summer camp and follow-up technical skills development programs give options to both recreational and competitive streams.” 

Expert Coaching and Safety 

All coaches are certified and trained by Row Ontario and Rowing Canada Aviron, ensuring safety is our highest priority.  


Club History 

Founded in 1999, the Guelph Rowing Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Thanks to founding father, Walter Kehm, the club was established on Guelph Lake and continues to thrive. 

Join the Guelph Rowing Club Community 

“What makes many of us so proud of our club is its open and friendly atmosphere,” says Jo-Anne Costello, former President of the Guelph Rowing Club.

“We appreciate how cooperative and engaged our members are.” 

Competitive Opportunities 

From the club's longstanding varsity program with the University of Guelph to the competitive masters rowing program, they offer pathways for high-level athletes.

Guelph Rowing Club rowers have excelled at national and international competitions, including the Pan Am Games and World Junior Rowing Championships. 

Where We Are 

The Guelph Rowing Club is located within the Guelph Lake Conservation Area. Entry into the park is included in the cost of the programs. 

Explore the joy of rowing! For more information and to register, visit the Guelph Rowing Club website

Join the Guelph Rowing Club and be part of a legacy of excellence and community spirit!

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