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Gilchrist Chapel: Grief Support and Resources

Each person experiences grief differently and deserves the support of a caring team

Funeral professionals are there when families need them the most. Navigating the loss of a loved one is an incredibly painful, and often confusing, situation. One may feel both devastated at the passing, yet relieved that their loved one is no longer suffering.

The surviving family members may also be grappling with (often misplaced) guilt and other strong emotions. McIntyre & Wilke Funeral Home Ltd. – Gilchrist Chapel, helps the families in their care navigate the grief that comes before, during and after the loss.

Grief is not limited to after the funeral

When a death is imminent (hospice, prolonged illness, planned life support removal date), Gilchrist Chapel can help families connect with support. Gilchrist Chapel has built relationships with Hospice Wellington, Griefwalk, The Coping Centre, Bereaved Families of Ontario, Nightingale Centre and Walking With You Counselling.

The caring professionals at Gilchrist Chapel also help families understand the process and many faces of grief. It is not, as it was thought of in the past, a tidy seven-step process that one progress through and comes out unscathed on the other side. Instead, it is a personalized process that involves facing tough emotions openly, embracing pain, self care and accepting how to function in a new reality.

Everyone grieves differently; Gilchrist professionals meet families where they are in the process and provide support

Despite the grief, there are several “mundane” tasks that must be done to settle an estate. The funeral professionals at Gilchrist Chapel are here for you too in this regard, with information about transferring registered funds (such as an RRSP), cancelling drivers licenses and credit cards, disposing (when ready) of the deceased’s personal effects and more. It can be difficult to know what to do next while grieving. Gilchrist Chapel’s list is something you can return to as needed to ensure the necessary tasks get done.

Those that agree to be a loved one’s estate executor find themselves with a big job once the funeral is over. Executing an estate takes a lot of time, money and can be a very emotional journey. The executor must carry out the wishes of the will and sometimes even mediate between family members. There are legal and tax obligations along with making firm decisions about property, belongings and heirloom items. Gilchrist Chapel has put together a downloadable and printable executor checklist to help with this process.

Grief is a personal journey; every one travels through it at their own pace. Despite the sorrow there are often things that need to be done, from closing bank accounts to parting with belongings, from settling an estate to carrying out the duties of an executor. It is not easy, but it is survivable. With Gilchrist Chapel, you never have to walk that road alone. Contact Gilchrist Chapel today to be connected with the grief support you need.