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Giving back to the community part of the mission at Dettmer Tire

Service shop continues to contribute to community causes during COVID-19
Detmer tire at Hope house
Dettmer Tire staff supporting Hope House in June 2019 (Source:

If there’s one positive lesson to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic it’s that community is important. There are times when economic challenges and layoffs affect only small segments of a local population. In a pandemic, however, when the entire community is affected, it’s amazing to see the networks of support that emerge to help those who need it most. 

The people at Dettmer Tire and Auto Service understand the importance of being a contributing member of the entire community of Guelph and surrounding area. Owner Bill Adams has always been a champion of the community, hiring local staff and supporting important local and regional causes that have a real impact on the lives of people in the area. It’s a philosophy that has guided the entire team at Dettmer since opening their doors in 1978. 

“We’re a business in the community, but more than that, we’re also people who live and work in the community,” said Josh Adams, office manager at Dettmer Tire and Auto Centre in downtown Guelph. “It’s important to give back to people who are giving us their business, and making sure some goes back to help build the community as a whole.” 

For that reason, Dettmer Tire has continued to pursue a program of philanthropy designed to help a variety of different causes. Those include organizing, hosting, and collaborating with such charitable events and causes as Hope House, the Birthday Angels program, The Children’s Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Bike Ride, or simply throwing open the doors for Dettmer’s annual customer appreciation summer barbecue. 

Dettmer tire supporting birthday angels

Dettmer Tire customer appreciation barbecue supporting Birthday Angels 

The staff at Dettmer take great pride in being able to help. 

Adams says the staff is looking forward to getting more involved once the COVID-19 restrictions allow people greater opportunity to gather together to help community causes. Adams also reminds anyone who may be thinking of donating a car to the Kidney Foundation Car Donation Program to drop by Dettmer Tire for any servicing you might need completed prior to donating to that organization. 

As for any servicing required for your own car, be sure to visit either of the two locations of Dettmer Tire, 325 Eramosa Road or 23 Cork Street East in Guelph. Visit them online at