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Guelph business keeping cars squeaky clean in the most convenient way

Two best friends from high school turned a dream into their own business

Detailing cars is a dirty job, but these best friends don’t mind taking care of your dirty work. In fact, they welcome the challenge to see how clean they can get your car.

Moe Hamze and Lennox Heard are the owner-operators of Guelph Auto Detailing. They just opened for business in the fall of 2022 and the two take pride in cleaning and detailing cars for their customers.

The pair met by chance in a grade 10 automotive class and bonded over an appreciation for everything automotive. After high school, they co-managed a Rogers store before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship by opening their auto detailing business.

Whether it was as teens back in high school or co-managers of a store, the highlight of their day was often cleaning up their cars and making them look pristine. “In high school, we always dreamed about owning a business together and working for ourselves. It was like a dream into reality,” Heard said.

One unique aspect to their business is their pick up and drop off service.

Guelph Auto Detailing can pick up your car from your home or workplace, make it look like new, then bring it right back to you.

The owners estimate about 80 per cent of their customers use this service and the clients find it incredibly convenient.

“Not everyone has the time on their hands, like four or five hours on their own vehicle, and not everyone has the chemicals we have on hand,” Hamze said. “It’s convenient and us having the tools to do certain things the average person might not have to get in depth.”

It’s an extra $29.99 for Guelph Auto Detailing’s pick up and drop off service within Guelph, but many of their customers appreciate the time and hassle it saves them from having to drive back and forth from the shop. Both owners are fully licensed and insured to pick up and drop off your vehicle.

“When we’re dropping off the vehicle, we have customers advocate to us how much of a help it was because they were still able to work or not have to take half a day off to get this done,” Hamze said.

With spring on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to book a detailing package with Guelph Auto Detailing to get your ride looking fresh and clean. Removing salt buildup is a big thing this time of year, as is tackling pet hair removal from your vehicle’s interior.

Booking your spring cleaning appointment now will get you ahead of the game for the spring rush once the snow melts and your car needs some sprucing up. Keeping up with maintenance of your vehicle also can help prolong its lifespan and resale factor.

“If you’re getting salt buildup in your carpet, it’s going to deteriorate over time,” Heard said. “Having that salt regularly taken out, also dust and dirt buildup within your switches and all that can cause problems later on.

“To get that regularly blown out and brushed out is a benefit. Also getting that salt and dirt of the exterior, keeping the paint nice and smooth. That’s going to help your vehicle keep its value a whole lot better when you go to sell it.”

There’s no job too big or too small for Guelph Auto Detailing. The messier your vehicle, the more excited they get.

Check out their car detailing packages on their website at and see some of their work first-hand on Instagram.