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Guelph residents are stepping up to save lives. Here’s how.

4 great reasons to support your local hospital foundation
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When Rhonda Indeway received the results of her biopsy she didn’t expect the doctors to tell her she had cancer. “I was shocked,” Indeway told The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “I really wasn’t expecting that news, but I was thankful when my physician said it’s in an early stage and my odds of beating it were good.”

The diagnosis came after Indeway’s second routine screening mammogram revealed a lump in her breast. Once the result turned up positive, she underwent
minor surgery to remove the lump and confirmed that her cancer had not spread.

Sixteen radiation treatments and seven years later, she is cancer-free.

Ronda Indeway is an advocate of routine mammograms and admits that if she didn’t get tested, she may not have found her cancer until it was too late.

“I’m here because of that [mammography] machine.”

Since Indeway’s diagnosis, Guelph General has purchased a new mammography machine, positioning the hospital at the forefront of breast imaging and allowing for early detection of cancer in patients. This piece of diagnostic imaging equipment would not be available to patients without the generous support of Guelphites.

Did you know?

Community members are the primary financial supporters of patient care equipment at local hospitals. Individuals, businesses and organizations play an
absolutely critical role in a hospital’s success. The financial support donors provide is immeasurable and creates many fantastic opportunities. The list of benefits is long:

1. Every donation—no matter the amount—is a high impact investment

Public funding covers hospital infrastructure, basic operational costs and staff wages. Many don’t realize, however, that government funding doesn’t cover all
essential costs; that’s why local community support is essential to the ongoing work of a hospital.

“Every dollar that the hospital spends on patient care equipment comes from a donor,” says Suzanne Bone, CEO, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “While the government funds most of the day-to-day costs of running the hospital, when it comes to most equipment it’s up to the generosity of our community.”

When donors give, the hospital can purchase the best equipment. Having the best equipment creates a ripple effect: it helps the hospital provide the highest quality care and experience for their patients; it helps them attract the best and brightest physicians and staff. It also allows them to be the safest and most efficient they can be.

2. Your giving is immediate and ensures the most pressing needs will be met

Patients benefit greatly from having the latest medical technology available close to home. Not only are equipment needs ongoing and ever-changing, but having enough of the latest equipment is also important so more patients can be helped and wait times reduced.

Generous donors have provided Guelph General Hospital with a first-of-its-kind-in-Canada mammography machine, portable monitors for moms and babies in the Family Birthing Unit, and sleeper chairs that allow loved ones to stay close. Donated dollars have also purchased IV pumps, surgical scopes and diagnostic scanners.

3. You get the chance to really help—and that feels good

When people donate to their local hospital they know they’re giving back to an organization that helps save lives, but they’re often surprised by how good it feels
and the sense of pride and deep gratitude it gives them.

Community members have the opportunity to help provide the highest quality of care and the best experience possible for patients. That level of care simply wouldn’t exist without donors, making them an important part of the healthcare team.

4. You are supporting an institution that benefits absolutely everyone

Your local hospital is on the frontlines, providing care for your family members, friends, neighbours and co-workers. Physicians and staff want nothing more than to be able to provide top-tier care close to home and to meet the needs of the community they serve. Your contribution directly benefits virtually everyone in the community.

The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital is dedicated to saving lives like Rhonda Indeway’s and, together with the community, improving healthcare for all.
Donations to The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital can be made online here.