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Have the most organized home on the block with these simple tricks

Clever home storage and organization tips from JL’s Home Hardware Building Centre

Having a tidy, well-organized and presentable home is a goal many of us share but not everyone achieves.

It is easiest to do if you create smart systems to keep the items in your home in order. Once these systems are in place, routine tidy-ups are much easier for everyone in the family.

Village Media Content Studio spoke to James at JL’s Home Hardware Building Centre in Guelph to learn about the latest in home storage and organization. He assures us that you can whip your home into shape in no time with these strategies.

This is the perfect time of year to tackle a good home re-organization too. Most of us are naturally spending more time indoors anyway during the months of February and March; getting these jobs done now leaves us more time to spend outdoors once the weather warms up! Whether it’s a cluttered closet, messy junk drawer or seasonal clothing backlog, it’s time to get organized.

Declutter your closets

Closets can be a challenge to keep tidy because we use them daily and we’re often in a hurry when we do. Whether it’s in your bedroom, hallway or entranceway, closet organizers are so important; they help you see what you have so you can 1) access items faster and 2) have a place to put each item back when you are done. Space is at a premium in most closets, so designing them to serve you better only makes sense.

Thankfully there are several great closet solutions on the market and they can help you make the most of whatever space you have.

The best closet storage systems allow you to install shelves and rods in whatever configuration works for you. You can use shelf tracks to install shelves at varying heights and shelf extension kits to help make room for additional shelving. Those who prefer to hang their clothes can look for adjustable closet rods to fit any space.

Because we own such a wide variety of items and each gets stored in its own way and takes up a different amount of space, you may want to consider installing both vertical and horizontal storage in your closet. With a closet organizer kit you can create a sleek custom closet that includes a variety of storage types to suit different pieces of clothing and accessories.

To get started, check out some of the latest closet shelving options.

Helpful accessories

A few accessories are needed to help keep all of your things organized. Closet hangers will ensure you have the extra hanging space you need. Shoe racks keep your footwear together and off the floor.

Smaller racks can fit right inside your closet and larger versions are best for your hallway or mud room. Hooks and hangers provide even additional hanging storage and make use of any available wall space. Hooks can screw into walls, hang over doors or be attached with adhesive.

Storage bins and baskets

One of the easiest ways to keep everyday household items organized, yet still easily accessible, is to use storage bins and baskets. Use them in every room to keep your surfaces and floors clear.

Many of these don’t just conceal clutter, they look smart and stylish. Made of fabric and wicker materials, they come in a variety of colours and styles to match your décor. They add a decorative, homey touch to your living spaces.

Baskets are great for keeping similar items grouped together; keep socks, hats and mittens all in one place by simply storing them in a basket on a shelf near the front door. Bins can be used to store away things that you do want to keep but don’t need to access every day. These are best stored in a bedroom or hallway closet, pantry, laundry room or basement.

Take advantage of any unused floor space by making the area underneath your bed functional. Under-bed storage bins are the perfect way to store away extra bedding, clothing or seasonal items.

Bins and baskets are great for organizing and labeling dry foods in a pantry, helping you create a stylish and colourful walk-in closet, and decluttering a disorganized laundry room.

Organizing your smallest spaces

We all know how quickly drawers and cupboards can become overwhelmed with stuff; they’re the go-to spot for all kinds of discarded odds and ends. If being able to find things easier is one of your goals, decluttering your drawers should be next on your to-do list.

The drawers that seem to fill up quickly in a house include those found in the bathroom and the kitchen. Take advantage of drawer organizers—you won’t believe the difference they can make.

You can find them in all shapes and sizes; use them to sort your cosmetics, bathroom essentials and your medicine cabinet. In the kitchen you can use them to organize your utensils, note pads, keys, spices and baking supplies. Don’t forget the home office either: these organizers can hold your pens, papers and more.

For the kitchen, clear pantry organizers allow you to see everything you have on hand. Clear versions come in different shapes and styles, and they are also good for craft rooms, offices and laundry rooms.

Seasonal solutions that work for small spaces too

If your storage space is somewhat limited, consider using vacuum storage bags. They compress contents to a smaller size by removing air, which allows them to hold more volume and take up less space.

The bags also help protect contents from damage while they’re stored away and are reusable. You can use them to maximize your closet space or as a space-saving way to store clothing and accessories in the off season. (They’re also an excellent hack for travellers!) Find them in regular and hanging styles.

For more handy cleaning tips and home organization strategies, visit JL's Home Hardware Building Centre or call 519-822-8230.

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