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Heat pumps help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system

B.A.P. Heating offers top quality Daikin heat pumps

In a world where more people are becoming aware of their role in the mounting climate crisis, one of the simplest personal actions people can take is to make their homes more energy efficient. That often starts with an upgrade to the HVAC system given its primary role in heating and cooling the home.

Manufacturers are making great strides in offering high efficiency equipment designed to save homeowners money while increasing the efficiency of their components. However, even with the availability of high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, many homeowners in Ontario are choosing to install heat pumps instead. A heat pump is a device that uses electricity to transfer heat from one place to another, depending on where it’s needed. It can provide both heating and cooling to a building by using air or ground as a heat source. According to Paul Palmer of B.A.P. Heating and Cooling Services in Guelph, there are many advantages to installing a heat pump.

“With the higher-end heat pumps, it’s a gentler form of heating, it’s greener, and better for the environment,” said Palmer, owner of B.A.P., Guelph’s only Daikin elite dealer. “Depending on what fuel you use it’s cheaper to heat with a heat pump as well.”

While there are many different brands of heat pumps, each having its own level of affordability and efficiency, Palmer said his company has made Daikin heat pumps their #1 product offer. According to Palmer, using only Daikin products allows for better integration of the components and results in a more efficient system.

“Some cheaper heat pumps lose capacity once you get into negative temperatures. Basically, if you buy a cheap heat pump you’re getting a good air conditioner. With Daikin you can match systems. You get your heat pump and a matching furnace and a matching Wi-Fi smart thermostat. Or you buy a heat pump with a matching air handler and matching thermostat because everything talks to each other. It’s much more efficient.”

Integrating a new heat pump into your current HVAC system is easy to do. There is no need to remove or replace any ductwork to accommodate a heat pump. You can also keep your current furnace but add a heat pump to improve the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Adding a heat pump makes your air conditioner obsolete as well as making your system more efficient.

“You don’t need the air conditioner because the heat pump will do both,” said Palmer. “Most people have low levels of efficiency with an air conditioner. When you put in a heat pump you’re increasing the efficiency to anywhere from 17 to 22 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Most people’s air conditioners are only 13 SEER and some older ones are not even at that level.”

While increasing the efficiency of your home through the addition of a heat pump will cost you money, you can get a Green Home loan of up to $50,000 for 10 years at zero percent interest. The City of Guelph also offers homeowners retrofit grants to convert your system away from using oil that will basically cover the price of a new air handler and heat pump. As for the warranty on Daikin products, Palmer says the company offers the best option around.

“A Daikin heat pump comes with a 12-year warranty along with 12 year parts and labour and full unit replacement if the compressor fails within 12 years. It’s really a great warranty.”

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