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How much maintenance should you expect with a low maintenance steel roof

Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System is an investment in quality

There are not many products you can buy for your home that are going to last a lifetime. Every homeowner knows that at some point the furnace, hot water system, air conditioner, washer/dryer, dishwasher or refrigerator will have to be replaced. New fence boards will need to be swapped out, concrete pads will need patching, paved driveways will require repairs, windows will need upgrades, and shingles from an old roof will need to be completely removed to accommodate a new one.

However, what if that new roof was truly designed and manufactured to last a lifetime? And what if that new roof was backed by a 50 Year No Leak and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty?

That’s what you get when you purchase a low maintenance steel roof from Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Systems in Guelph – a guarantee that you will never need to replace your roof again!

Hy-Grade has become the industry leader because of its proprietary roofing system which was engineered to successfully accommodate metal expansion and contraction – eliminating wear and tear on the fasteners and ensuring the lifelong structural integrity of the entire roof.

The design makes the roof virtually maintenance free. But does “low-maintenance” mean “no-maintenance?” Hy-Grade spokesperson Matt Snider says that as exceptionally as Hy-Grade steel roofing systems are designed there are still some factors that may require a homeowner to take action or that may require a visit from Hy-Grade’s installation team.

“The biggest thing with our steel roof is that it doesn’t require a lot of the typical maintenance you’re going to need with an asphalt roof,” said Snider. “Moss and organic growth you can find on asphalt shingles isn’t something you’re going to find on our roofing systems.”

According to Snider, keeping your Hy-Grade steel roof in top shape may require maintenance related to the eavestrough rather than the actual steel “shakes” that make up the Hy-Grade roof.

“The big thing with your roof is you want to have a proper flow of water, with water hitting the roof and then going to the appropriate places through the eavestrough and into the downspouts to be carried away from the house. From a customer perspective, it’s always going to be a good idea to check your eavestrough a couple times each year, usually in the spring or fall.”

Snider said there’s not a whole lot that can be done to prevent eaves from potentially backing up. While gutter guard systems are growing in popularity, Snider said that, depending on what organic debris is falling, the guard systems can also get clogged. When that happens maintenance will be required to ensure that water isn’t backing up and eavestrough systems are cleaned out.

If there is one area in a Hy-Grade steel roofing system that may at some point require some preventative maintenance, Snider said it’s in areas where penetrations in the roof have to be accommodated during the installation process.

“Whether it’s around a chimney or a stacked pipe in the roof, these are areas in our system that may require a bit of maintenance. As much as we can use all-steel products, there are bricks in the chimney and PVC mats around the pipe. We do everything we can to seal those up when installing the roof. Those materials don’t hold up as long as steel will. Every 10 or 15 years it might be a good idea to have someone come out and check the roof to ensure it’s sealed and still in great condition.”

Ultimately, Snider said that investing in a steel roof is the best option for homeowners who want the peace of mind that comes with a top-notch Canadian-made system.

“The whole idea from our end is that we’re coming out to install a roof that’s going to last you at least 50 years and it’s going to require zero to limited maintenance,” he said. “It’s something you’re not going to have to concern yourself with again. That’s the goal. That’s the whole point of a steel roof and the 50 year warranty that comes with it.”

As an added bonus, the Hy-Grade warranty is also fully transferable to a buyer when you sell your house. Learn more about the cost-saving qualities of a Hy-Grade Steel Roof.

For more information, call 855-494-7233. Or visit them online.