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How to ensure the cleanest drinking water for your family

Consider an affordable reverse osmosis water treatment unit
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If you want cleaner, healthier drinking water for your family—and you’re determined to stay away from single-use plastics—you may want to consider reverse osmosis.

The water treatment system works by using a series of membranes; they reduce the lead, other contaminants and harmful chemicals that can be found in standard municipal drinking water. 

What you’re left with is purified, pure filtered water. 

This means that the water your family drinks, uses for cooking, and even clean your home with can be of the highest quality. 

“It’s really a fairly simple system,” says Donna Wilson, Marketing Manager, Water Depot. “It fits under your kitchen sink.” And a separate lead-free faucet is provided, which becomes your source of water for drinking and cooking.

Several different units are available which are graded, from a 3- to a 5-stage system. Because these systems have a different number of filtration stages, their price points vary. 

“It’s a great system to have in your home so you’re always drinking purified water,” says Wilson. “It’s also very convenient, as opposed to buying bottled water. You’re reducing single-use plastics, you’re not lugging cases of bottled water home from the grocery store. It’s always conveniently at your tap.”

Is a reverse osmosis water treatment system costly to set up and maintain? 

For a typical household with four occupants, prices start from around $450. The exact cost would depend on the unit chosen and the number of people who live in your home. 

Maintenance is minimal. Depending on your usage, you would need to replace the filters approximately once a year. Water Depot offers a preventative maintenance program where someone comes to your home for a scheduled visit, performs a routine check and installs replacement filters.

Homes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this system. Businesses can too. 

Water treatment solutions in Guelph

Parimal Gandhi, a Water Treatment Specialist, is the new owner/operator of the Guelph Water Depot store. He also operates the Kitchener Water Depot franchise, has a proven track record in water treatment, and a history of excellence in customer service. 

There is a new location in Guelph as well, just a stone’s throw from the original where Water Depot’s level of service and offerings remain consistent - they still provide U-Fill water (portable reverse osmosis filtered water you can purchase by the jug), parts and service. “We’re still conveniently located in the same end of town,” assures Wilson.

Some advice for those new to reverse osmosis water treatment systems?

The only thing to look out for when first setting up your water treatment system is ensuring you buy the right-sized storage tank. After your water gets filtered, it sits in a storage tank, which is also located under your kitchen sink. These tanks come in a variety of sizes and it’s important to choose one that’s sized appropriately for your family’s water usage. 

If you use all of the water in your tank, there is a waiting period until the system regenerates and refills. To avoid this, make sure to have someone come to your home and size the tank appropriately for your family’s needs. 

If you’re interested in having the water quality in your home tested, Water Depot Guelph offers free tests. Someone will come to your home—you can even drop water off at one of their stores—and they’ll test it and share your results. If you could benefit from any of the equipment they carry, they will make suggestions. They will find out how many people are living in your home, how often you drink water, cook and clean so they can right-size the application for you.

Who can benefit from a reverse osmosis treatment system? Laughs Wilson, “Basically anybody who drinks water!”

Water Depot Guelph specializes in water treatment equipment and U-Fill water. The company, founded in 1989, has 35 franchise locations across Ontario. To learn more, call 519-265-2999. Please note the Guelph store has recently moved to 951 Gordon Street, Unit 8A.