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How to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint

The latest colours and affordable decorating ideas from JL’s Home Hardware Building Centre

Have you been thinking about freshening up your décor? One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update your space is to treat your walls to a new coat of paint.

This is a great time of year to refresh your space. Many homeowners like to take advantage of the winter break and the post-holiday lull to tackle some DIY projects. Whether you focus on just one room or want to give an entire floor a cool new look, Beauti-Tone paint won’t disappoint.

These paints are known for their exceptional quality, dynamic colour selection and affordable pricing. They have long been a customer favourite that many rely on.

Looking for inspiration? These Beauti-Tone projects incorporate fresh colours and are sure to give your home an instant makeover.

Add vibrancy

As we approach the coldest time of the year, why not warm up your interiors? Make your home feel brand new again by swapping safe beige and neutral gray for some fresher, more vibrant hues. You can go bold with saturated colour or more subtle with softer pastels. The introduction of colour is sure to give your spirits a lift, remind you of fair weather and help combat winter’s cold.

Turn your home into a visual gallery—all you need is some painter’s tape, a level, a ladder and a bit of creativity. Start small by tackling a single feature wall: this could be the wall behind the bed in a primary suite or an accent wall in a living or dining room.

Use contrasting and/or complimentary colours to make the display dynamic.

You might even try creating a getaway space to remind you of favourite trips you’ve taken. Take inspiration from vacation photos, social media, your favourite shops or restaurants. The right mix of colours and a few decorative accents can transport you, for a fraction of the price of a plane ticket.

Get moody

Maybe you want to take the opposite approach and embrace the dark side, in one room of your home at least. Whether it’s an elegant home library, dining room or place to watch movies, choose a paint colour that complements your existing décor but takes the drama up a notch.

Black, midnight or navy blue, deeper shades of gray, chocolate brown… these all work well as accent walls but you can wrap entire rooms in them too. The effect? Instant cosiness and warmth; you’ll feel soothed in these spaces, which immediately feel quieter and calmer.

Look ahead to 2024 interior paint colour trends

Get a jump on your decorating with the latest “in” colours by following the Beauti-Tone 2024 Colour Trends. Illumina was named the Colour of the Year for 2024: the soft and radiant yellow hue is warm and luminous. It works with multiple styles of décor, from minimalist to maximalist, mid-century modern to coastal. Use this timeless, elegant colour in a kitchen, bedroom, living room—wherever you want a golden glow.

The other colours in the collection are just as soothing. There are warm and cool options, depending on your preference, as well as a great selection of supporting neutrals. Don’t be afraid to embrace more than one!

Transform your front door

Set the tone with a colourful front door that welcomes family and friends. There are so many beautiful options to pick from and you can’t go wrong if you choose a colour you love.

For a lovely, rich colour, try Quinte HD016; it’s a deep blue gray that looks great year-round. The National Parks of Canada Colour Collection includes some stunning options too, such as Cobblestone Beaches NPC3-0 (a mid-tone gray) and Boreal Forest NPC38-4 (a gorgeous green). If you’re a fan of red, Patriot Love NPC44-3 is a must-see.

Keep in mind that if you’ll be painting your front door, the ideal temperature conditions for this particular project occur in Spring and Fall.

To begin, even if you’re just at the planning stages, explore the full range of Beauti-Tone colours. The line is available at Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centre locations throughout the province.

Tools to help you get started

For more information about freshening up your home with a new coat of paint, visit JL's Home Hardware Building Centre or call 519-822-8230.

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