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How you can improve your appearance without injectables

Harness the power within to improve your appearance
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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to significantly improve your appearance while avoiding things like botox, fillers and surgery?

Do you prefer a natural approach to caring for your skin and body?

To some, the world of aesthetics may appear to be artificial and unnatural. But the truth is there are many, many treatment options that facilitate anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement through entirely natural processes.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal and regenerate itself. Think about how we recover from injuries (cuts, broken bones), how we fight off infection and continually grow new skin, nails and hair. Our bodies are designed to repair, renew, and grow as needed.

Unfortunately, as we age the processes involved in renewal can slow down, go off-line or be damaged by environmental insults. But aging is not inevitable! Many people don’t realize that you can challenge your body to renew itself and it will respond and change for the better.

Challenge-based therapy is a term used to describe any aesthetic procedure that creates an opportunity for your own body to improve itself (think of it like going to the gym for your skin). The results of such treatments are always natural since they were generated by your own ability to heal and change for the better.

What kind of treatments are challenge-based?


Broad band light therapy employs full spectrum bright white light in an intense flash. The heat and light cauterize small surface blood vessels, breaks up pigment and stimulates collagen production. If used regularly (once per year under age 50, twice per year after age 50) skin cell turnover rate improves leading to skin that behaves much younger than your chronological age.

Fractionated non-ablative laser/ ablative laser

Lasers can heat the skin or vapourize a fraction of the skin. Heat-only lasers stimulate an injury response in your immune system. This results in improved skin thickness and elasticity. Vapourizing laser causes a heat injury PLUS vapourized skin cells are replaced with brand new young and healthy cells. This leads to remodeling of the skin surface.

PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Platelets are a component of blood that form a blood clot when there is an injury. They also release growth factors that stimulate the immune system to turn on the body’s wound healing response. Wound healing stimulates new tissue generation or stimulates existing cells to function better. PRP can be used to stimulate hair growth, to speed wound healing after laser procedures (and boost laser results) or be injected to improve skin quality (under eye area and neck).

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Radiofrequency and high frequency electromagnetic (HIFEM)

Radiofrequency deep heats skin and your body responds by tightening up collagen and elastin and boosting their production. HIFEM stimulates your muscles to put them through a workout (excellent for treating incontinence when strengthening pelvic floor muscles).


Mechanical injury stimulates a wound healing response without heat. Microneedling improves skin texture, tone and stimulates collagen, elastin and fibrin production especially when combined with PRP.


This enzyme is produced in our liver and is used to digest fat. Available by injection, this treatment can permanently reduce your double chin.

Clean science skin care

Topical skin care products can boost your skin’s ability to renew and protect itself. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are both naturally occurring and essential for our health. Re-deploying them in topical formulations (Vitamin C serum and Retinol) helps prevent skin aging and reduces risk of skin cancers. Zinc is a mineral that is naturally healing and anti-inflammatory (think baby diaper creams) and can be found in the best sunblocks. Many pharmaceutical skin care lines use natural (plant derived) pharmacologically active molecules to repair and restore the skin. Those that are ‘clean’ also avoid preservatives, perfumes and dyes.

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Best yet?

When you combine different modalities of challenge-based skin care there is a synergistic effect – they support and maximize the results of each other. The stacking of treatments and varying of treatments leads to a particularly natural appearing aesthetic improvement.

Send your skin to boot camp! And enjoy the entirely natural improvements you’ve made.

For more information on natural approaches to improving your appearance, visit or email [email protected].