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Injured in a car accident? Where do you start if you need treatment?

Guelph Rehab Centre sheds some light on how to navigate the claim process with your insurance company
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You’re working your way through the busy streets of Guelph and you’ve been in a car accident.

Maybe it was just a little one, maybe it was a bigger one. You’ve contacted your insurance and reported everything to them. Your car is being taken care of. You felt alright in the immediate aftermath, but it’s been a day or two and now your body is feeling not so great.

What do you do? Where do you even start?

First off, call the insurance company to start a claim. If you are injured in a car accident you have various accident benefits, and more specifically, you have benefit coverage for physical rehabilitation. This is true whether you were at fault or not, and also if you were the driver, passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist.

Second, get in touch with a clinic that can start treatment. The Guelph Rehab Centre is one such clinic. Using their combined 45 years of experience working with auto insurance and treatment plans, they offer complimentary [rehab management] consultations to those that would like help navigating their claim progresses, such as what forms will need to be completed and your rights as a claimant, as well as a collaborative and comprehensive approach to treatment to allow for maximum recovery.

If you are worried that making a claim is going to increase your insurance premium, don’t be. You have already paid for Accident Benefits as part of regular premiums before this, so your annual rates won’t increase just because you made this claim. However, you should be aware that if you were at fault for the accident, there may be other implications that can affect your premium.

Even being prepared with the above information, the large package of forms that the insurance company will send can be overwhelming and the forms are sometimes complicated. Having a good support system in place with experience and knowledge of the steps involved in working through a motor vehicle accident’s claims process is incredibly helpful, and Guelph Rehab Centre is happy to provide this to their patients.

Some other bits of information that are useful to know are, if you were a passenger or pedestrian, you would contact the insurance company of the car that you were involved with. As well as coverage for rehabilitation treatment, you may also have access to income replacement, attendant care benefits, and lost education expenses. After you fill in your initial forms, you will be asked to apply for each of the specific benefits noted above as needed. Also, you have the right to choose which treatment facility you would like to go to.

The Guelph Rehab Centre team knows how confusing the entire process can be to work through after a car accident. Part of what Guelph Rehab Centre does is to help relieve the stress of paperwork so patients can focus on their health. If you would like to take advantage of their complimentary consultation and have your injuries efficiently and effectively treated, give them a call at 519-265-7343 or visit their website.