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Inspire your team by meeting off site in a relaxing setting

The Guelph Country Club is perfect for corporate events

The evolution of the office environment continues to bring in new ideas and attitudes as companies try to offer employees incentives to choose coming to the office rather than working remote. Proactive companies are redesigning workspaces to be more inviting, implementing new policies to deal with equity, diversity, and inclusion, and coming up with new ways to inspire their staff to work smarter.

Companies that host meetings and conferences are moving them away from their regular office boardrooms where employees spend most of their time and instead choosing external locations that offer a broader range of comfort and amenities.

One such location that has been become a favourite with local businesses is The Guelph Country Club, which offers a multitude of options for businesses looking to host events.

“Our facilities are now being booked regularly by businesses from around the area,” said Rod Pollock, Director of Hospitality at The Guelph Country Club. “This is a fantastic destination location for anything from one day business meetings to multi-day conferences. We can work with any business to suit their needs in terms of equipment, food, and extra-curricular activities and budget”

Normally thought of a recreational facility, The Guelph Country Club offers a perfect escape for businesses that want to get the most out of their team meeting times. Whether that means settling in for days of strategic planning or simply hosting quarterly brainstorming sessions, the prestigious location of The Guelph Country Club is the perfect location.

For starters, The Guelph Country Club has invested significant amounts into state-of-the-art video equipment including overhead projectors, large screen televisions and other equipment required for hosting productive meetings. The facility location is another benefit, offering attendees the chance to gather in a relaxing, away-from-the-city environment. Free parking is another benefit, as the club has a large parking lot so staff or guests attending meeting and conferences don’t have to worry about daily fees.

Another benefit of booking The Guelph Country Club for corporate meetings and events is the full and flexible menu that Pollock offers through Jesse’s on the Green, the onsite restaurant and catering facility.

“We have a variety of options for any business or corporation that wants to offer invitees food throughout the day,” said Pollock. “We can also customize menus and make accommodations for vegans, vegetarians, and people with food sensitivities. We can work with any corporate event planner to ensure everyone in attendance can enjoy the great food items that come out of our kitchen.”

White boards, flip charts, markers and other meeting necessities are all part of any meeting package booked at the Club. Pollock said another important service is top of the line Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Access Points Wi-Fi capabilities to ensure there are no connectivity issues during important meetings.

Depending on the season in which corporate meetings are being held, The Guelph Country Club can offer private use of the patio for guests. Generally, the Club offers two primary meeting options: the Heritage Room for up to 25 attendees, or the recently renovated Waverly Room and lounge which can accommodate up to 100.

For companies that want to combine business with a little leisure and recreation, there are plenty of distractions to take the stress off a busy day of meetings according to Pollock.

“We have pickleball, golf, shuffleboard, and lots of side games. There’s also the putting green. Sometimes it’s just a great way to break up the monotony of a meeting. There are lots of things to do.”

Given the reliance on Wi-Fi for corporate meetings and conferences, The Guelph Country Club offers up to 400 mbps Wi-Fi for Zoom/Skype access and other internet requirements.

To inquire about booking The Guelph Country Club for your next corporate meeting or conference, visit Jesse's online.

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