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Is your child ready for swimming lessons?

Making Waves Swim School readies for spring lesson registration

Making Waves Swim School in Guelph spring registration is starting on February 12. But how do you know if your child is ready for swimming lessons?

“That answer is different for everyone,” explained Making Waves spokesperson, Angel Massey-Singh. “There are a number of factors that parents can use to determine water readiness in their children.”

Water readiness hinges on a child’s physical development, emotional readiness, cognitive development, and exposure to water environments. These factors acknowledge that every child is unique, and the age at which they are ready to start learning to swim or engage in water-related activities can vary significantly, according to Massey-Singh.

Physical readiness includes children’s motor skills, strength, and coordination. Basic motor skills like crawling, walking, and balance are essential for safe exploration of water environments.


Emotional readiness involves a child’s comfort level around water and their ability to manage any anxiety or fear associated with it. Massey-Singh emphasizes, “This aspect varies greatly from child to child and depends on their individual temperament and past experiences with water.”

Cognitive readiness encompasses a child’s ability to understand and follow safety instructions and rules related to water. It also involves concepts like cause and effect, as well as the capacity to process information and make decisions, Massey-Singh explained.


“Exposure to water, and familiarity with water through positive and supervised experiences is a critical component of water readiness,” Massey-Singh said. “Regular exposure to water, even from a very young age, can help children become more comfortable and confident around it.”

Massey-Singh continued, “This is why we offer parent and tot swim lesson options, as well as a full range of swimming lessons for all ages, at Making Waves Swim School. We offer these lessons to children as young as two months of age, alongside their parent. This way, children can feel comfortable in the water with the parent right there with them. It is also a beautiful bonding experience,” she smiled.

She concluded, “It is important not to compare yourself to anyone else’s swimming journey. And it is very important to note, that it is never too late to learn to swim!”

Making Waves Swim School is located at 104 Cooper Drive in Guelph. The water is warm, the classes are small and the instructors are top notch. To register for Making Waves Spring session, click here.