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‘Life is Movement’: How Stone Road Physiotherapy Clinic is helping people move better, live longer

Stone Road Physiotherapy Clinic: providing exceptional rehabilitation services to Guelph Residents for over 20 years

Carmen Sofia Lopera, operator of Stone Road Physiotherapy, says she wants people to keep moving to stay healthy.

“Life is movement,” Lopera said, “If you stop moving, your body's not going to work properly.”

Lopera has been providing quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to seniors and other clientele from her Guelph-based clinic for over 20 years.

Stone Road Physiotherapy's services have earned the staff a strong reputation throughout the region, making it the preferred choice for individuals seeking physiotherapy services to address various physical and rehabilitative needs.

Proactive body maintenance – regular tuneups to keep people flexible and strong – is behind Lopera’s approach to health care. And as people’s lifespan increases, Lopera says she sees the benefits of staying mobile.

“It's not that we are falling apart, even though sometimes we feel like ‘gosh, I’m getting older,” Lopera said. “The body’s a very strong structure, and sometimes we need to do little things to make life better and to keep doing our activities.”

“Sometimes we need adjustments to our bodies, just little changes.”

And with the government of Ontario now covering physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for people over 65, Lopera says now is the perfect time to think about remaining nimble in your later years.

“Seniors want to enjoy their grandkids, they want to play with their grandkids, they want to go out, they want to travel,” Lopera said. “People now are coming into the clinic at 65, 70 years old and they're super healthy.”

“I've seen people doing burpees in their 70s, people with hip replacements, biking and hiking and doing wonderful things,” Lopera said.

“It all depends on consistency and determination.”

Many of her regular patients, despite being in their 70s and 80s, are still active and still live on their own. That’s another key element of her approach, Lopera said: keeping people strong enough to be self-sufficient as they age.

“As health care providers, we want to help keep people living independently as long as they can,” she said.

To that end, Stone Road’s therapists work on the philosophy that every individual is unique, and so are their needs. They provide comprehensive physio evaluations and make a customized treatment plan based on each individuals' needs and goals.

They focus on patient-first approach, excellent customer service, and timely recovery. At Stone Road Physiotherapy, the top priority is the patient’s satisfaction and optimal health.

Carmen’s Three Tips for Staying Healthy

Lopera says despite human resilience, the body does tend to wear down over time. But to slow that process, or to help ease people through the days and weeks where the aches and pains linger, Lopera offers a few tips.

“In order to be healthy, we need a combination of the three things: exercise, nutrition, and sleep,” she said.

“You can be exercising, but if you don't have a good night's sleep, your health is going to be affected,” Lopera said. “Or you can sleep well, but if you don't exercise…”

And following an injury, or even if an individual is coming to physio from a beginner’s level, people shouldn’t hesitate to consult a therapist at Stone Road.

Even a little bit of movement could add years to your life.

“I tell my patients ‘move a little bit every day,’” Lopera said. “You don't have to be afraid of movement.”

“Don't be afraid to go for a walk, or go upstairs, or downstairs. Don't be afraid to get up from the chair. Like I tell my patients – ‘let's move!’”

Lopera said that people who have spent overnight in a hospital and require physiotherapy services could also qualify for OHIP coverage,

That, coupled with coverage for people over 65, youth under 19, and ODSP or Ontario Works recipients, means Ontarians have plenty of options to stay healthy.

“Even if you have an issue you're concerned about, like your mobility or you're concerned about your balance or your flexibility, physiotherapy is always going to be a good option,” Lopera said.

“As healthcare professionals, we can give you good advice about how to recover with movement and with the right movements to improve your situation.”

Stone Road Physiotherapy takes pride in offering an extensive range of services tailored to suit the specific needs of its clients. These services include traditional therapies like acupuncture, MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) rehabilitation, functional abilities assessments, training, education programs, retirement care, as well as virtual care to cater to client preferences whenever necessary. Their OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) funded physiotherapy services are available at no cost to seniors or the facilities they reside in.

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