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Local advisor uses 'financial visioning' approach to financial planning

Wright Wealth offers financial wellness done differently
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Trevor Wright of Wright Wealth helps clients visualize the future they want (Photo supplied)

Trevor Wright isn’t your typical financial guy. 

You’ll probably never see him in a shirt and tie, and you won’t meet with him in a stuffy office. Chances are, you won’t even discuss things like investments and insurance on your first meeting. That’s because Wright Wealth believes in Financial Visioning: that is, helping clients see where they want to be, both personally and financially, and then providing the support, inspiration and encouragement that can help take them there. 

The Wright Wealth vision plan begins with what Trevor calls “mindset questions”. Wright, an insurance and investment advisor with the Certified Health Insurance Specialist, and Master Financial Advisor-Retirement and Succession Planning Specialist designations, explains: “Mindset questions – it’s not about what we can do for you. It’s finding out who we are as people. It gets people thinking. What you can do is more important that how you do it – and even what you do it with. That’s why we don’t talk about investments or insurance or anything off the start. You want to get into the right frame of mind.”

At the initial consultation, clients are asked to consider things like:

  • If money wasn’t an object, what would you do?
  • If you could go back and change history, what would you do?
  • What does retirement look like to you?  

It may not be the standard financial planning scenario, but these questions will help clients visualize the future they really want.  It helps clients forget about what they “should” be doing, and stop overthinking.

“We go back to this time in elementary school when you’d be looking out the window daydreaming, and the teacher tells you to stop”, explains Wright, “And from that day forward, it’s instilled in you not to daydream.  But if we don’t ask ourselves what we want to do, then how are we going to know how to get there? If we’re not taught to look at the future, then we can’t know where we want to go.”

Once the vision comes in to focus, Wright Wealth offers a selection of tools to help make it happen:

  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Tax Planning

Trevor Wright may use the same tools as Bay Street planners, but that’s where the similarities end. There is no sprawling mahogany desk, and don’t be surprised to find Wright wearing shorts and sandals and cracking the odd Dad Joke. No client is made to feel intimidated, and no one is turned away.  At Wright Wealth, “everybody counts, or nobody counts.”

To learn more about the Wright Wealth Financial Vision, visit the website and tune into Wright’s podcast series that covers topics such as RRSP vs RRIF, Retirement Planning, Insurance and more. 

4A-317 Speedvale Ave E Guelph
Phone: 877-242-9116 | 705-209-3394

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