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Local agency offers marketing tips to meet client goals

Great marketing takes focus and vision to meet client goals, Roots Marketing says

The ultimate objective for a business is to make money – or is it?

For some business owners, the quality of outcome is really determined by what the goals are and how successful they have been in achieving them. That’s a distinct difference, and one that Roots Marketing founder Fred Scheuer says is a pillar of his company’s strategy when helping clients with their marketing.

“Our vision is to help our clients make their dreams come true,” said Scheuer, whose company focuses on lead generation, TV and ‘social media advertising, content development, web design, and other unique online strategies. “We want to know why someone is in business. Is it to have a cottage you can share with your family? We put those personal goals down and develop a marketing plan that can help businesses achieve their dreams.”

Roots Marketing has recently undergone an internal expansion, increasing their capabilities with new staff members and adding on new services. Scheuer says those moves have helped position Roots Marketing in a unique space compared to their competitors in the industry.

“The number one thing that makes us different is the people that work here,” said Scheuer, who regularly provides intern opportunities and has just hired two as part of the company expansion. “We listen to our clients, and then we develop customized solutions. We work with clients on a strategy and then ensure it gets implemented. And we charge a fair price.”

Connecting the dots between executing a marketing plan and achieving the desired results is key, one that Scheuer says has to satisfy both the overall business objectives as well as the owner’s personal ones.

Having worked in this industry for over 10 years, I have helped many of my clients achieve their goals. Many of my clients have areas of marketing that need improvement and we aim to assist in those areas. A client I’m working with now doesn’t like to do email marketing and they’re not doing a very good job at it. I’m taking that off his plate and doing the things they don’t want to do. We help bridge those gaps in their marketing.”

One area of focus for the team at Roots Marketing is helping clients improve their web presence. Scheuer agrees that many business owners who rushed to get their business online have also neglected to keep their site up to date by adding more compelling content and optimizing the site. A modern website is like a resume, so if it’s full of typos, poor images, and lacking in features that attract visitors, it’s probably doing more harm to the business than good.

“One of the biggest gaps in most company marketing strategies continues to be website presence,” he said. “We’re helping a lot of clients with strong content strategies. That brings value to the company website and optimizes the searches people are conducting. A great site helps build trust, credibility, and establishes authority for the business. You want to make sure your website is strong and appealing. You want to build a site for the robots searching for it and the humans using it. You need a good user interface and clear content.”

With the addition of new team members Sawyer Hume, Matt Maslanka and Tristan Boisvert, Sheuer says Roots Marketing is ready to work with clients in any industry to help improve their marketing. You can connect with Roots Marketing online at