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Local woman achieves a healthier lifestyle through one-on-one training

Amanda Van Soelen finds support and accountability at Circuit 33

Like many people, finding the right gym was incredibly important to Amanda Van Soelen. She needed expert training somewhere that she could feel comfortable attending and she found it at Circuit 33 in Guelph.

“I was looking for a gym that provided personal training in a small group setting as well as one that would modify for people with injuries or who were out of shape,” she explains. “Most gyms and training centres have images of young, super fit people on their websites. Circuit 33 has images of people of different ages and fitness levels. It seemed like a place where I would feel comfortable.”

The unique model at Circuit 33 focuses on only 75 members with a maximum of 3 training bookings at a time. This allows the trainers to really work with each individual and to provide personalized circuit training that help members reach their own unique goals.

Accountability is Key

Amanda started working with Randy Dowler, one of the personal trainers at Circuit 33, in the summer of 2022. Her main goal was to improve her overall health.

“I wasn’t physically able to do a circuit and we worked together for a few months to get me to the point where I could do a full circuit. I was very overweight, had high blood pressure, and high blood sugar,” she says.

Circuit 33’s unique approach to fitness inspired Amanda to keep coming back. Their 33-minute circuit workouts supervised by professional personal trainers are designed to help their members get results.

Amanda says the accountability kept her going. “Having to prebook my classes and having the same trainers each week really helped me, too. You get to know them and there are a lot of us who regularly come at the same time. Everyone is very encouraging.”

Motivated by Better Health

Everyone’s motivation for joining a gym is different, but for Amanda the goal of better overall health was her driving force.

“I did not have a weight goal. In fact, I didn’t want any measurements done. I wanted my results to be purely health and how I feel. Today, I feel great and am much more fit than I have been in years. I could barely walk 5 km and now I am also training for a 5 km run in May,” says Amanda proudly.

With hard work and the support of the team at Circuit 33, Amanda is well on her way towards better health. After four months of training, she was able to stop her blood pressure medication and her blood sugar levels normalized. She also stopped needing medication for restless legs and has gained energy and confidence.

“Losing 55 pounds is a nice by-product of making major health improvements,” she says.

Finding the Right Support

At Circuit 33, Amanda found an encouraging team that supports her with each step along her journey. Not only did they help her to get the results that she was looking for, but they also gave her a new love of physical activity.

“The team at Circuit 33 helped me believe that my goals were achievable. We started with small mini goals, we worked together to create a meal plan and fitness schedule that worked around my busy lifestyle, and they helped with accountability and encouragement,” explains Amanda. “The workout is long enough that you really feel it and see results and not so long and gruelling that I dread going. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I actually enjoy going now!”

Randy says that the working with Amanda has been a great experience for him and his team as well. “All the trainers at Circuit 33 are very impressed with Amanda’s results. She made our job easy and she was ready to take control of her health at her first fitness consultation,” he says. “When someone is ready for change, we are confident that by following our straightforward realistic approach, they will succeed.”  

When asked if Amanda has any advice to share with others who might be on a similar journey, she says, “It’s not too late to reverse bad habits. It’s not too late to make changes that improve your health. Believing you are worthy of better is all it takes. Belief, hard work, and dedication turn into unbelievable success and results. Nothing in life worth having comes without an investment of time and energy. It’s up to you how you use it.”

For more information about Circuit 33’s unique 33-minute circuit training approach, visit them online or reach out via email at [email protected].