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Multiple offers returning to Guelph real estate?

Beth and Ryan Waller, Guelph real estate agents, provide a February update on the wild world of real estate

This month for GuelphToday, Beth and Ryan discuss these three key findings in the Guelph real estate market:

1. Yes, sales volumes are down vs 2022, but statistically are back in line with pre-COVID volumes. It may be a great time for first time buyers

2. We're starting to see multiple offers and irrevocable times on listings. This is typically found when inventory is low. In the most recent week, almost 50% of listings sold over asking price.

3. A shortage of student housing in Guelph has parents scrambling to buy homes for their children, using existing home equity. This guarantees them a place to live at equal/lesser cost than rent. Contact us if you need help to buy as we've helped many parents with this.

As always, more at our website! We're Guelph real estate agents