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Players navigate challenges and have fun at Ctrl V’s Virtual Reality Arcade in Guelph

An innovative and entertaining experience that appeals to players of all ages and abilities.

Ctrl V Virtual Reality Arcade in Guelph offers an experience that blends technology and fun by transforming the way players interact with games and each other.

Even though virtual reality has been around for a few years, many people may be hesitant to give it a try. Owner Joe Balfour assures customers, “The transition from real world to virtual world is seamless. Everything feels comfortable and looks to scale in VR. Virtual reality is such a cool and amazing experience for players who not only have a great time participating but watching their friends play as well.”

Ctrl V has a 4.8 review rating on Google. Reviews are glowing, such as “this was so much fun. I’m addicted.” to “my girlfriend and I tried out CTRL V for the first time and we had a blast."

Balfour says, "First time players often tell me that the experience was way more fun than they were expecting."

When you walk into Ctrl V you will first view an informative tutorial video on how VR works and what to expect. New players can take part in a free, 10-minute demonstration which allows them to try the experience before they spend any money. Balfour says, “For people who are new to virtual reality, we always like to walk them through the entire process first while our staff are on hand to ensure the equipment is worn correctly and that all questions are answered.”

Something for everyone

Ctrl V has a large selection of games and experiences to ensure that there is something that each person will be comfortable playing. There are dozens of games to choose from that cater to different tastes and preferences. There are thrilling adventures in fantasy realms, heart-pounding action games that transport players into immersive environments, an All-In-One Sports game, and Google Earth which allows players to explore and stroll to famous landmarks around the world.

There are games such as Arizona Sunshine which allows players to step into a zombie apocalypse, Elven Assassin where players use a bow to kill hordes of orcs. Furious Seas puts you in command as captain of a deadly pirate ship. These kinds of challenges not only create an adrenaline rush but also encourage players to work together while challenging players physically and mentally.

Dream Pets is an easy and adorable game that will captivate young children by allowing them to dress up puppies, spritz them with perfume, and then play frisbee with them. For the competitive cooks in the house, there is Clash of the Chefs where players set up their own restaurant workstation and then compete to see who can put out accurate orders the fastest. Balfour says, “I love that game because it can turn into a food fight really quickly. Orders that are made incorrectly become ammunition for the food fight.”

It’s easy to play

Ctrl V has space and virtual headsets that can be used in single or multi-player games. Balfour says, “Some games can accommodate up to 16 players, so if you have a large group, you can bring your entire group and play together. It’s recommended that the best experience is for those 8 years and older. However, with the help of a parent, young children can enjoy VR play as well.

People usually book by the hour. Booking is available on the Ctrl V website.

Balfour says, “We have an easy, online booking system and our schedule is similar to a movie theatre. There are hour-long sessions throughout the day and the schedules are also on our website. You can book your timeslot, show up 20 minutes early and have a wonderful time.”

Committed to giving back

It’s important to Joe Balfour to give back to the community.

“We often donate gift cards to local fundraisers like Wish Fund for Children, Run for the Cure, and local school fundraisers. In addition to sponsoring two youth hockey teams this season, we are also working on a charity event for next spring.” In May 2024, for each person who plays at the virtual reality arcade, Ctrl V will donate $2 to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Each player will also have their name entered into a draw to win prizes.

A great team building experience

Ctrl V encourages social interaction in a whole new way. Players can join friends and co-workers in a game that fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Balfour adds,

“We are a great place for team building events and holiday parties. You can rent our facility for two hours or more and create your own party atmosphere by catering the event and bringing in your own alcohol.” Ctrl V offers a fun environment and a great venue to host your next birthday party, team building event, corporate gathering, or to simply have a fun night out with friends.

Visit their website  or find them on Facebook or Instagram.  

You can book online or in person at the Ctrl V Arcade at 212 Victoria Road South, Unit A in Guelph.