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Preparing for back to school and back to 'normality'

We can help prepare children for the new season is by ensuring their wellbeing is in tip-top form. 

Although we are still in the summer sun, the fall air is creeping up. And with restrictions starting to lift, slowly but surely it feels like we are getting back to new-normality after a turbulent time.

September will be a busy period for everyone, especially parents who have children going back to school after a previously chaotic academic year and a summer of uncertainty. Anxiety may be creeping up again for everyone involved hence why it’s important to remember that preparation is key. Some ways we can help prepare children for the new season is by ensuring their wellbeing is in tip-top form. 

Simply ensuring they have a decent break before going back to school is incredibly important, especially taking a break from Covid-related topics. Having fun and resting the mind from anxiety is crucial now before entering the new period.

Another great way to get kids prepared for the new school year is by ensuring they feel rejuvenated and equipped for upcoming challenges. Something like getting a haircut, visiting the dentist or getting out and about to buy new school supplies can make all the difference before the busy schedules start up again.

Cambridge Dental Centre highlights the importance of checking in with your dentist and having a stress-free visit.

Finding a family dentist that can specialise in creating a calm environment for all the family and providing quality service can be difficult at times. However, few cater to providing appointments to suit all schedules as well as ease any anxiety about the dental visit. Something like ensuring easy appointments, a calming environment and quality services can make a world of difference to something as simple as a dental visit. Another incredibly important aspect of getting ready for back to school is knowing that surroundings and facilities are Covid-safe so we can get back to feeling used to being safely out in public.

Although vaccinations are the best way to beat the ongoing pandemic, there are many ways we can enter the fall with less stress and comfortably re-enter into normality. With schools in Guelph reopening and children going back to in-person learning, it’s important to feel calm and prepared. By investing some time in improving our wellbeing, we can ensure that our overall health will improve and the transition into the new season will become easier.