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Pursuit Athletic Centre helps people improve speed, balance, agility, strength and power

Promoting health and fitness to people of all ages and abilities

Since 2016, Pursuit Athletic Centre (Pursuit) has been offering long-term athletic development to people ages 12 and up. The facility helps clients improve speed, balance, agility, strength and power through age-appropriate drills and exercise that positively improve athletic performance.

Pursuit Co-Founder and Director of Strength and Conditioning Wayne Burke says, “Athletic abilities such as speed can be taught, and we can help with that. This can and should be done by any athlete regardless of the sport. Also, a progressive program can help to reduce the chance of injuries by teaching and refining movement quality as well as improving strength and stability.”

Pursuit is a full-service training and therapy facility with the most complete and comprehensive Athletic Development, Adult Functional Fitness and Personal Training programs in the industry. Its highly trained and experienced team of professionals develop and apply progressive and intelligent approaches to each client’s sports performance, fitness, and rehabilitation needs. 

Programs are built using four main Pursuit Principles: to improve movement, to be brilliant at the basics, to preventatively limit risks, and to provide a fun and supportive environment!

Prefer to train alone? No problem! At Pursuit, Individual Personal Training offers one-on-one sessions to provide full-service strength and conditioning, as well as preventative and rehabilitation therapy. Individual athletes of all levels and all sports are welcome. For individual sports teams, team training is also an option. 

Adults looking for a challenging and comprehensive strength and conditioning program will want to explore Pursuit’s Adult Functional Fitness Program. Offering small classes led by Pursuit’s certified coaches, state of the art training equipment and techniques will be used to ensure adult participants are properly performing exercises for the best results. The Adult Functional Fitness program is a monthly membership with classes running at various times throughout the week.

Pursuit also offers preventative and rehabilitative athletic therapy including chiropractic and massage therapy services. To book an appointment, visit Pursuit’s online booking site.

Pursuit is an equal opportunity fitness facility, welcoming all adults and children (12 years old and up) looking to improve their fitness and stay challenged, regardless of their current fitness levels and/or abilities.

Ready to get started? Contact Pursuit by completing this online form or calling 519-822-8939.