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Spotlight: Bring comfort and joy to your Holiday shopping experience.

Walking into Persephone’s Wardrobe is like walking into a warm hug. With beautiful rich tones and fabric that you can’t help but reach out and touch, this Wilson St. boutique is quite simply a nice place to be.
171212 Persephone's Wardrobe POS

Chantal Lapointe, the owner of Persephone’s Wardrobe, is as easy going as she is passionate about her carefully curated merchandise. With five years in business she has established a fashion and gift boutique that offers customers both a wonderful experience and products that are beautiful, comfortable, and consciously chosen.

She will happily guide you to product that fits the ethic of your choice, whether it’s made with natural fibres, made in Canada, fair trade, organic or locally made upcycled clothing. “I really like clothing that is easy to wear, that’s comfortable, that uses good materials. I have a range. It’s a little eclectic.”

The clothing industry and the nature of shopping is changing. With pleasurable experiences and ethical choices at the forefront of that change, Persephone’s Wardrobe is just what people are looking for. “There’s a resurgence of Canadian- made, a resurgence of the boutique…If you are going to go shopping its nice for it to be an experience and to find something that is unique.”

Describing her store Chantal notes, “The space is a really welcoming space. It’s easy to come in. I’m not going to follow you around and expect you to buy. You can come in ten times and if you buy something on the tenth time, great.”

171212 Persephone's Wardrobe Olena

Words like merino wool and cashmere-lined float around Chantal as she describes her seasonal favourites. Olena Zylak’s beautiful hats are top of the list. Olena’s beautiful hand sketched designs are crafted on a loom in her Collingwood studio and are made with fair trade organic cotton. Next are the Glerups felted wool slippers with soft leather soles that feel like they will last for years. Chantal points out the craftsmanship in upcycled garments that are beautifully embellished.

171211 Persephone's Wardrobe gerups large

A customer whom Chantal has become friends with – not an uncommon occurrence – recently travelled to Lithuania and brought back mittens at Chantal’s request. With a distinctive point at the fingertips and beautiful patterns, these one of a kind hand made mittens beg to be worn.

The boutique’s namesake is the Greek goddess Persephone, and while she is the goddess of the underworld, Chantal highlights her role as the harbinger of spring. Chantal sees a harmonious meeting between the idea of the coming spring and the well being of people and the earth. That well being is deeply important to her and something she hopes her store will help to foster.

Persephone’s Wardrobe also hosts a Wednesday morning yoga class “It’s light- hearted. We support each other. We sit around afterwards and drink a smoothie.”
Chantal has created a little haven to welcome all and to bring a little more beauty and comfort to life.

Wilson St. is perpendicular to Carden St., west of City Hall.

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