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Local company uses pure water to make Guelph properties shine

Mac-Klean does windows, and so much more.

The window cleaning business in Guelph just got a lot brighter – and a lot more efficient – thanks to Alex Chciuk and Mac-Klean. By leveraging the power of pure water, they have discovered a way to make the chore of cleaning windows less daunting, and less expensive. This also goes for their professional siding cleaning services, which combines the pure water advantage with a proprietary brush tool which is gentler than a pressure washer, and delivers better results. To round out their outdoor sanitation services, they also provide expert eavestrough cleaning for residential and commercial clients in Guelph and surrounding areas.

“The magic”, explains Chciuk, “is in the purification of the water. We use a three-stage filtration system to remove all of the nasty minerals and impurities from the water before it touches the building. The minerals are what cause those awful spots, and make the job more difficult to do”. Once filtered, the pure water cascades down the window without spots or streaks, eliminating the need to use a squeegee. As a result, all of their work is done quickly, and from the ground. This removes the need to use ladders which increases productivity, and allows the use of extender poles to give the ground crew a reach of up to four storeys.

It also means that Mac-Klean has found a way to help the citizens of Guelph cross items off the all-important “honey-do” list. For those who believe that the job of cleaning windows can be a cause of tension in an otherwise happy home, Chciuk quips, “I guess you could say we’ve saved some marriages.”

Plus, it’s not just the exterior of the windows that Mac-Klean will make pristine. They will also clean the inside of the windows, and even wash the screens. By using the right equipment, they can usually complete an entire home’s windows within a few hours. Plus, they are 100% Eco-Friendly. Most often, there is no need for any chemicals, but in the case of severe staining when it is necessary, all chemicals used are both plant-friendly and pet-friendly. This is truly a company that cares about making the environment beautiful, and they do it one building at a time.

For a clean as pure as your home deserves, call Mac-Klean today.
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