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Spring vehicle maintenance gets you ready for summer driving

Get your tire swap, oil change, overall inspection at Vinnie’s Mr. Fixit

As harsh as winter can be on vehicles, hot summer weather can truly challenge automotive systems. Motor oils, engine coolant, brakes, air conditioning, and tires all need to operate at maximum efficiency to ensure vehicles are ready for summer heat.

The process of transitioning vehicles from cold to warm weather begins with a seasonal swap of tires. The question often arises: when is the best time to store winter tires?

According to Vince Klimkosz, owner of the three area locations of Vinnie's Mr. Fixit, the optimal time for tire changeover is typically mid-April.

"We put three sets of summer tires on yesterday, literally in the middle of a snowstorm," he remarked. "I always recommend people wait until at least mid-April to book their changeover. That leaves you fairly safe if you do get an April snowstorm. We get busy swapping out tires in mid-April, May, and June."

Swapping tires involves more than just changing rubber. Klimkosz emphasizes the importance of cleaning out winter residue such as sand and accumulated dirt.

"The tire swap is important but so is cleaning up the hubs," he explained. "Doing a thorough cleaning where the wheel mounts onto the vehicle is paramount because you get a lot of wheel separation if you don’t do that."

Tire sensors are also addressed during a tire swap, whether they’re indirect or direct sensors. While functioning tire sensors are not critical to vehicle operation, replacing them eliminates annoying warning lights. Klimkosz advises drivers to refer to the sticker around the driver’s door for proper tire inflation rates, as sensors are calibrated accordingly.

The annual swap-over is an opportune time for a comprehensive visual inspection conducted by a licensed mechanic. Klimkosz recommends bringing vehicles to Vinnie's Mr. Fixit for this service.

"Whenever we have vehicles in for a tire swap, we always do a visual inspection on the brakes, the front end, and other areas," he noted.

Additionally, Klimkosz suggests servicing vehicles twice a year due to extended drain intervals on oil changes. "Unfortunately, the heat is coming, so bringing your car in twice a year is a good idea," he advises.

Vinnie's Mr. Fixit's Woodlawn location offers expert remote starter/alarm installation services.

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