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Take the stress out of moving in Guelph and beyond

Five ways Macho Movers makes it easy
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Moving is not much fun. There are so many details to take care of, such as taking apart and reassembling furniture, packing up your treasured items, and whole lot of heavy lifting. When it’s time to relocate, there are five great reasons homeowners and businesses choose Macho Movers.

1.    Macho Movers is the local choice

Macho is not a chain or international company. Macho knows the area because they are local to the region. Whether you are in or around Guelph, Kitchener, or Cambridge, your moving team will be familiar with the area, and with the other local service providers. Choosing local matters, especially when it comes to the safe transport of your treasured belongings.

2.    Disassembly and reassembly

Dreading taking apart that store display or massive bookcase? Leave it to Macho! Services for residential and commercial clients can include having your bedroom furniture, outdoor gazebo, BBQ, shed, office desk, cubicle dividers or more handled by the professionals. Book disassembly and/or reassembly and Macho Movers will arrive with all the tools needed to get your large items ready for transport.

3.    Moving the big/bulk/non-typical items

Some items need special care and handling, such as your hot tub, grand piano, big screen television, or massive garden statue. Macho Movers is on it with the both the trucks and the experience to safely transport the largest and most delicate items.

4.    One call does it all, including junk removal

Part of moving is getting rid of the junk that has accumulated over the years – and yes, Macho Movers does this too. With one call you have a service that will not just move your items, but can also cart away what you no longer need. Old stove? No problem. Piles of cardboard? They can take it for recycling. Broken furniture? Macho’s got your back. 

5.    Fast and professional

On moving day there is a lot going on. You need to pick up the keys to your new home, may still be dealing with situations involving lawyers or contractors, or have small children that need attention during the move. Macho Movers understands this, which is why they arrive with everything needed to get the job done quickly and professionally no matter what you have going on that day. With all the stress of moving day, Macho is the calm oasis that helps make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Since Brad Veldman founded Macho Movers in 2016, the company has won award after award, including platinum and diamond Guelph Readers’ Choice awards, a best business/industry award, a top moving company award, and more. 

If you need to move a household, a business, have something delivered, or need additional services such as furniture disassembly/reassembly and junk removal, contact Macho Movers. This local, experienced, award-winning company is here to ensure your moving day is handled with ease. Macho will exceed your expectations – every time.