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Terra View Homes celebrates 30 years of quality residential building

A pioneer of green building and sustainable building practices, Terra View Homes was incorporated as a business the day after Earth Day in 1991

It’s no coincidence that Terra View Homes in Guelph was incorporated as a business the day after Earth Day in 1991. Since its founding three decades ago, the company has been dedicated to building beautiful and resilient communities defined by environmentally friendly building practices. 

“Since we began, we’ve always been steadfast in our commitment to being gentle to the earth,” said Andrew Lambden, founder and CEO of Terra View, a company now celebrating 30 years of quality home building in Guelph and surrounding Southwestern Ontario communities. “It’s a fundamental belief of ours to conduct business in an environmentally conscious manner.”

Like many successful companies, Terra View had humble beginnings with roots planted in Lambden’s personal passion for business and real estate. The entrepreneurial-minded Lambden purchased his first property as a teenager, and soon after leveraged it to launch a lending business where he learned about the financial aspects of the industry. The company’s first major development project was a 65-unit build completed over 18 months in the mid-90s. In 1998, TerraView morphed into a development builder, and over the past 30 years the company has continued to grow its reputation for quality homes and innovative building practices.

“When building these finely-crafted homes within a community, we always try to complete a sense of place,” said Lambden, whose company has earned a vast array of industry awards for its approach to sustainable, environmentally efficient, and uniquely designed residential spaces. “I believe our communities are unique in many respects. We also believe in building homes not houses, sustainable communities not subdivisions.”

As a strong pioneer of green building and sustainable building practices in Canada, Terra View has led the way in the building of Net Zero Ready homes and communities across Guelph. The company has completed 57 of the environmentally friendly, energy efficient residential properties with 17 more currently under construction. Current Terra View projects include Hart Village in Guelph’s south end, NiMa Trails in the north, and Terra Condos, one of the first multi-unit residential design of its kind in the country that emits zero carbon by drawing on green power from solar and geo-thermal energy sources. 

While incorporating new technologies into building designs has been a key factor in the company’s ongoing success, Lambden is quick to acknowledge the role played by the talented staff that have become part of Terra View’s DNA.

“Over the 30 years we’ve established a team of qualified professionals that exceed 200 years of experience,” he said. “We would not have been able to accomplish this without the ongoing dedicated commitment from our staff — to our trades — to our consultants.”

As to what the future holds for Terra View, Lambden says that the mission has always been to create communities that will stand the test of time. 

“That is a key to our success, always trying to reach for a higher level of quality, design and sustainability. I certainly feel the future is exciting. We’re very nicely positioned with our current projects and more to come. We’re building to a code that will be mandatory in the future as we head toward net-zero as a standard for society. It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of that.”

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30 Years