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Thank you, Guelph

A holiday message from local REALTOR®, Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith - CBN 01

People often ask me if I am slow this time of year. Well, not exactly, I say. In fact, this can be my busiest time of the year. Of course, we still have clients buying and selling homes and those needs never seem to be directed as much by a calendar. We have a lot of planning to do for next year; marketing ideas, discussing goals both team and individual - but what really has us moving this time of year is to take stock and say thank you to as many clients as we can. 

There are the ones that bought and sold, the ones that referred us, then of course the ones we never forget. But beyond that, we want to connect with everyone we know. Anyone that has come into our lives and trusted us with something so important; if we were their real estate compass at some point, and whether it was just a phone call about who they should use for their flooring, or perhaps the assistance on large home upgrade for their growing family, the calls were always met with the same enthusiasm.

See, the mission statement for me has never changed. The foundation of my business is in the relationships. Everyone that has ever worked with me as a member of my team knows what I encourage from day one. Leave the house with the goal to create relationships built on trust and you will build a foundation so solid not only will you love your job and who you work with, but you will create consistency in a profession where it’s often missing. 

You see, sales in my opinion are just a by-product. And whether someone is getting information, buying their first condo, or selling their estate, the relationship needs to be there at the end. Sure, your personal moral code helps you do this job with integrity but to truly be successful in sales you need to realize that everyone is a potential client and unless you earn their trust by not only how you do your job, but how well you do your job, well, they will always be someone else's prospects.

The last 18 months have taught us a lot; about the world, about each other and of course what means the most to us. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shown us what separated us, but I believe it has also (and of course this is amplified by the holiday season), made us realize what brings us together; the people we care about.

In my life, it’s my family. Being able to spend more time with them and even hug my mom and dad seems to have turned into something I don’t want to ever take for granted again. But in my profession, the privilege of being brought into people's own lives, spending time with their families, their kids, learning intimately about their success and their struggles. Well…. that is something that makes this job special. 

Doing business through zoom meetings and DocuSign was convenient, but certainly not the same. Shaking hands when we meet, or after a successful purchase or sale - even times of a hug, connects you to people differently. You feel the emotion, and the trust is solidified. 

I will savour this holiday season, and I hope it goes by slowly so I can enjoy every second, because what was once so familiar is new again. And also, I still have so many people to thank.

Happy holidays.