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The value of experience: Gilbert MacIntyre & Son Funeral Home

Remembering our loved ones looks differently now, but there is room for both old and new traditions

Time changes things, including the funeral profession. While death remains a constant – it is, after all, the end result of being alive – the way death and mourning are handled has changed over the years. Keeping pace with those changes, while never losing sight of the responsibility of funeral directors to usher families lovingly through the grieving process, is something Gilbert MacIntyre & Son Funeral Home takes very seriously.

As Wellington County’s oldest family owned and operated funeral home, the directors here have experienced it all. When the doors opened in 1933 by 23-year old Gilbert MacIntyre, displaying bodies at home was the start of the funeral and grieving process. Over the years this fell out of fashion, and those passed were moved to a visitation room inside of a funeral home.

The next changes came as Canada grew as a multi-national nation; those coming to the country brought their cultures and values with them, including funeral rites. Today families choose among traditional church ceremonies, celebrations of life, memorial services or even no service at all. Within these options are cultural identifiers, cremation, burial, green burial, ash scattering, special services for veterans and so much more.

It can be tempting to cling to tradition, but Gilbert MacIntyre & Son understand and support the evolution of choice and services in the funeral profession. They are here for families that desire a church service with hymns, and for families that want to sing along to the passed loved one’s favourite rock song. They provide respectful adherence to cultural norms where and when possible, and put just as much thought into a memorial service where the body is not present.

The way families grieve, too, has changed.

Once again, Gilbert MacIntyre & Son are at the forefront of this dynamic. Knowing that not everyone has access to the support of family and friends or access to therapy, the funeral home has online and in-person grief support. This includes, group meetings, facilitating access to resources, and articles.

Yet, the funeral and the grieving process are just one part of what happens when a loved one passes on. Planning a funeral is difficult for grieving families and settling an estate can be a time consuming, expensive process for the executor. Gilbert MacIntyre & Son help defray this cost and stress by offering pre-planning and pre-paid services, and access to legal guidance for settling an estate.

The oldest funeral home in your city is also one of the most progressive. The value of experience is seen alongside the values of offering caring, compassionate service to families in need. Whether the passing was sudden and unexpected, or if pre-planning took place; whether there are cultural norms to honour, or it’s a secular celebration of life; Gilbert MacIntyre & Son is here for you and your family.

Learn more about the services offered at Gilbert MacIntyre & Sons here.