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Why you should consider in-home pet care while you’re away

Will sit while your pets stay

The plus in Pet Concierge Plus

When you hire Pet Concierge Plus in the Guelph area, owner Nicole Vettor said you can expect that your pet will be taken care of in a way that fits your pet and their routines.

Are you looking for someone to keep an eye on your place, water your plants or bring in the mail? Pet Concierge Plus does it all for the same affordable time-based fee. 

Another bonus, Vettor said, is they always try to give clients the same sitter, who is an employee and not an independent contractor. 

“This way, the clients know who to expect, and the sitter is familiar and comfortable with their home and pets.”

Why not leave them with a friend or family member?

Traditional methods of caring for your beloved pets by leaving them with a friend or family member have had mixed reviews. 

“We often hear that clients have used friends, family, or neighbours and don’t like to feel that they are imposing on or inconveniencing them. We have also heard that using friends and family does not always result in the consistent care they were looking for.”

Vettor believes a better option is one that’s both consistent and reliable. And one that never feels like a burden, like asking the same family member or neighbour each time you want to leave town. 

“We often hear things like ‘I have always asked my mom, but I feel bad asking. Then I feel like I can’t go away as often as I would like.’ So they normally tell us they are more comfortable booking with a professional service to save both them and their families the trouble,” Vettor said.

Why not use a kennel?

Boarding your companion at a kennel might not be the right fit either. 

“Kennels work really well for some dogs, and they don't work for others. It totally depends on the dog and their personality.” said co-owner Matt Elmes.

“Some dogs are very anxious at a kennel. We can remove that anxiety by providing them service in their own home and keeping their routines the same as normal. It is also a great option for dogs that are not dog-friendly, not a fan of new environments, or are just more comfortable at home.”

Additional considerations are the driving to and from the kennel and concerns around contracting illnesses at the kennel. 

And depending on the kennel, the level of human interaction and activity time varies.

“Often, they are happier and less stressed being in their own home and following their usual routines,” Elmes said.

The client experience 

The client experience is super easy, Elmes said. Everything is booked at once. No separate bookings for multiple pets, your house or plants—with morning visits as early as 8 a.m. and nightly visits as late as 11 p.m.

Before your first booking, your sitter will come to your home, meet you and your pets, review what’s needed, routines, feeding schedule, medications, favourite walking paths etc. 

After your first booking, it’s just about as easy as sending an email with the dates you need a sitter for. 

“It is very simple for them once they've been set up. The setup is not complicated, and we do our best to make it quick and easy,” Vettor said. “So it's something clients don't ever have to worry about when they’re in need. We will be there.”

Pet Concierge Plus is always available. Vettor said they do their best always to keep some availability open, so they never have to turn anyone down. They can also usually accommodate late bookings as well, she added. 

“Every client has unique things they do for their pet, and they want us to follow along,” said Elmes. “They always appreciate that we follow their routine and not our own. It's all really about doing it their way. We want them and their pets to be happy.”

Understandably, the cost is often one of the first questions asked by a new client. 

Simply put. The price is based on the time the sitter is at your home or with your pet. It won’t change based on time of day, weekends or weekdays, how many pets are in the home, medications, or additional home-related requests.

Just heading out for the day? Consider their extremely popular private or group dog walking services so your pooch gets the exercise they need while you’re out!

Check out their pricing page for a full breakdown of what you can expect.

Contact Pet Concierge Plus today for a free in-home consultation.