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With online gambling gaining popularity in Canada, BET99 looks to satisfy that growing demand

Unique online gambling platform offers a betting experience you won't find elsewhere

Online gambling is an activity that looks to be growing in popularity more and more in Canada among those legally eligible to participate. 

In fact, according to an article on Canada Infolink, Canada is the eighth-ranked country when it comes to online gambling, with approximately 19.3 million Canadians taking part in it. 

As well, the Montreal Times reported in an article that Statistics Canada predicted that around 65 per cent of the Canadian population who are of legal gambling age would place at least one bet “at an online casino within the coming year”. 

With such a high demand for online gambling options in Canada, one company that is looking to satisfy that demand with their own unique assortment of online betting options and features is BET99

BET99 is an online sportsbook and casino that operates within Canada. The company began serving the Canadian public in 2020, with their hard launch occurring on the rather fitting date of September 9 (the ninth day of the ninth month).

Among the copious amount of online betting options BET99 offers are sports wagers, a casino library of over 2000 games/slots/progressive jackpots, live casino games, and much more. And conveniently, BET99 can be accessed by users via desktop, mobile, or on tablet.

On top of all of the various betting options BET99 provides for their users, one of the prominent variables that makes the company stand out from other online betting companies in Canada is BET99’s various partnerships with extremely well-known Canadian athletes and sports organizations.

The list of ambassadors and affiliates includes former fighter Georges St. Pierre (who is also the face of BET99), former pro hockey player Matt Barnaby, the Montreal Alouettes (CLF organization) and CF Montreal (MLsorganization), among others. 

Alongside their partnerships, the company also offers special bonuses as a way to offer their users a unique betting experience like no other.

And while BET99 wants their users to enjoy everything the website has to offer, the company is also a strong advocate for gambling responsibly, and has tools and policies in place to promote safe betting.

These tools and policies BET99 implements includes a 24/7 customer support, deposit limits, temporary timeout options, a self-assessment quiz for potential gambling problems, and much more to ensure that all of their users are gambling in the safest manner possible. 

If you are legally eligible to participate and are interested in trying out BET99’s online sports betting options or various casino games yourself, head to their sign-up page to register.

* BET99 uses age verification checks on every single account, to confirm that our customers are legally old enough to gamble.