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Youth can get fit, have fun and meet new friends with RiseUp Beach Volleyball

Players of any skill level can sign up for camps, training programs, private coaching and more!
Rise up beach volleyball Spotlight

There’s a new way for youth to stay fit and active in Guelph, while meeting new people and learning or honing a skill. It’s RiseUp Beach Volleyball, a company and concept launched by Becky Zeeman, who represented Team Canada in beach volleyball at the international level, coached at the provincial level and has coached indoor volleyball at the university level. She’s also a young mother of two that knows the importance of sports for athletes between 12-18 years of age.

“Beach volleyball is a wonderful sport for all skill levels,” says Zeeman. “There is no experience required, and what better time to learn an outdoor sport than this summer! Our experienced, certified coaches will share their love for the sport and teach youth the basics so they will be able to play on holiday with family and friends or strive for that podium finish at Beach Tour events.”

Zeeman continues, “Beach volleyball is similar and transferable to indoor volleyball, which can greatly expand and improve your indoor skill set while also increasing your volleyball IQ. It also has so many of its own unique characteristics around skills combined with teamwork, creative freedom and dynamic fitness. Beach volleyball challenges and develops mental strength and awareness, as well as being able to control the ball in all types of weather conditions. Our training provides a fun and friendly culture to learn and grow together.”

RiseUp Beach Volleyball is more than just about learning the sport.

The company aims to promote long-term athleticism, youth fitness, and provide an easy way to get fit and make connections following the impacts of COVID. The club is a safe space, inclusive, warm and welcoming. Skills grow alongside self esteem and confidence.

To ensure as many youths as possible can benefit from the program, RiseUp Beach Volleyball has partnered with The Guelph Games and also sponsors a Grass Volleyball team. RiseUp supports two subsidized spots in each program. Zeeman also offers a coaching mentorship program for adults looking to complete their NCCP Level 1 Beach Volleyball Coaching Certification, before using their coaching skills to inspire more youth in the sport.

"There are a variety of ways to enjoy RiseUp Beach Volleyball;

  • spring training programs,
  • skills clinics,
  • weekly summer training,
  • summer camps,
  • an Elite Travel Team,
  • private coaching,
  • tournament coaching
  • as well as coaching mentorship programs and much more.

One of our club goals is to provide guidance and mentoring to increase the number of certified beach volleyball coaches who are also Safe Sport Trained, ultimately helping to grow beach volleyball in Ontario and across Canada,” confirms Zeeman.

Whether you are a dedicated and skilled volleyball player looking to push yourself to the next level, or a first time player wanting to learn the sport, RiseUp Beach Volleyball is for you. Learn more online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.