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VIDEO: What's Your Dish - Natalina's gnocchi

On today's What's Your Dish we are in Natalina's Kitchen with Natalina Bombino Campagnolo for her take on traditional potato gnocchi

Natalina Bombino Campagnolo embraces and encourages the elements of the 'Italian Mamma' lifestyle – family, food, passion and love. On today's What's Your Dish, we're in Natalina's Kitchen where she prepares traditional potato gnocchi.

Natalina is the author of Natalina’s Kitchen: Bringing Homemade Back; a cookbook described as the story of homemade Italian food told through 50 recipes developed with the traditions, techniques and love of generations of nonnas.

She also offers cooking in-person or online cooking classes. You can find out more by visiting her website


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