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Residents say 'no' to disc golf in their Puslinch neighbourhood

Fox Run Park and Puslinch Community Centre Park suggested as locations for a new disc golf course is Puslinch
The park off Fox Run Drive.

PUSLINCH ⇁ Residents of a posh Puslinch neighbourhood made it clear to council Tuesday that they do not want a disc golf course put in the neighbourhood park.

Fox Run community resident Judith Stoffman, speaking on behalf of the community, spoke against the possibility of a disc golf course in Fox Run Park at a virtual meeting of council’s Recreation Committee Tuesday night.

Stoffman also submitted a letter.

In the presentation, Stoffman referred to a neighbourhood survey she organized about the disc golf course.

Stoffman said the community was “overwhelmingly” opposed to putting a disc golf course in the park.

“So we’ve got 51 households participating, the community overwhelmingly indicated it did not want such an installation. Eighty five per cent were opposed,” Stoffman told the committee.

Fox Run Park features a trail and an expansive, manicured grass area. The park is off of Fox Run Drive just north of Aberfoyle.

Stoffman went into detail explaining the problems, one of which was the fear people playing disc golf would indirectly stop people from using the park in other ways.

One of the reasons the township is considering Fox Run Park for the course is it could be permanent, with posts and baskets set up, whereas the Puslinch Community Centre park would have to have removable posts and baskets due to other scheduled uses.

“What would be happening in this case is that the township would in essence be establishing this as a pretty much, so potentially, as a one-use park,” Stoffman said.

Councillor Jessica Goyda disagreed, pointing out that the space in the park could be used more effectively.

“I mean, the thought of putting a disc golf course in, it appeals to me because I think it is a good way, an inexpensive way to utilize underused areas of the park,” Goyda said.

Committee member Bruce Joy, president of Puslinch Minor Soccer, agreed with Goyda.

“I just don’t think that that park is utilized. It seems to be, from what I’ve heard, it seems to be an extended backyard,” said Joy.

No decision was made Tuesday and the committee will continue to look into the issue.

Committee member Vince Klimkosz did make note of Stoffman’s presentation.

“Just want to thank you Judith, you guys have done a great job. And obviously it’s not in stone and we’re going to debate this for some time. We definitely will, I think, the township will be setting up, obviously, some surveys and presentations before we do anything,” said Klimkosz.