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Welcome to the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington Virtual Silent Auction, powered by!

Thursday, October 22, noon to Wednesday, October 28, 9pm

Thank you for visiting the Children's Foundation Guelph and Wellington auction. By bidding on amazing products and packages donated by local companies, your winning bid will help to fund our programs. This year, our annual gala was cancelled due to COVID-19, and this virtual silent auction is our way of bringing a fun component of that event to you in your own home, and help the children of our community at the same time!  Bid on auction items below or donate now!

Please READ THE RULES, particularly about credit card authorizations. In short, each time you place a bid, the system places a hold authorization for that amount on your card. When you are outbid, the hold is released. If you bid $50 on ten different items, this means $500 of your available balance will be unavailable until you're outbid. Any winning bids at the end of the auction are captured - meaning your card is charged. We recommend you use a credit card, not a debit card for this auction. A released hold may take several days to reflect on your statement. All credit card charges will appear as VILLAGE MEDIA on your statement, which is the parent company to For questions related to auction items, contact [email protected]


Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington Virtual Silent Auction powered by


If you read one thing, read this:

  1. This Auction is operated by, part of Village Media, on behalf of the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.  For questions about any of the Items available in this Auction, please contact Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.
  2. Each time you place a bid, the system places a hold authorization for that amount on your card.  When you are outbid, the hold is released.  If you bid $50 on ten different items, a total of $500 of your card balance will be held and unavailable to you until you’re outbid.
  3. Any winning bids at the end of the auction will be captured - meaning the corresponding hold authorization will be charged to your card.
  4. We strongly recommend NOT using a debit card. Banks handle these transactions differently, and will actually debit your account when you bid, and refund the amount when you’re outbid.
  5. All credit card charges will appear as VILLAGE MEDIA on your statement.
  6. A account is required for participation in the Auction.

1) Registration

You must register a user account in order to bid in this auction. If you have registered for a account previously, such as for the classifieds, please log in and use that account. Registration only takes a few moments. Register or log in here.

You must be logged in on in order to place bids. Please keep your login credentials safe. We highly recommend logging out of your account if anyone else will be using the same computer. At our sole discretion and for any reason, retains the right to revoke an account and cancel any bids placed by that account. In the event an account is suspended or bids are cancelled, the account holder will be notified by email.

If you have problems registering or logging in, please reach out to our customer service department at [email protected].

All registration and bidder information shall remain confidential within Village Media Inc. We will not share your information. 

2) Bidding

i.) Location and Dates

This is an internet-only auction, operating on

This auction commences at noon EST on Thursday, October 22, 2020 and concludes at 9pm EST on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. 

ii.) Bidding Mechanics

Bidding requires being logged in to a registered user account. accounts are free and can be created here.

To place a bid on an item:

  1. Enter at least the minimum bid amount specified.
  2. Enter your credit card information to pay for the item (see iv. below).
  3. Check off the anonymous box if you wish to bid anonymously, otherwise your account username will be displayed publicly in the list of winning bids.
  4. Finally, check off the "confirm bid" box to confirm the information entered is correct, and then click "Bid". This will place an authorized hold on your credit card as specified in section iv below.

In the event you are outbid by someone, you will be notified by email automatically.

The highest bid on each item, provided the reserve price (if set) was met, will be declared the winner of the item.

You must be prepared to pay for any item you commit to buying. Your credit card will be charged if you win the auction. Make sure you read the description and understand what the item is before placing a bid.

Bidders can bid multiple times on the same item over the course of the auction in an effort to achieve the highest bid. Bidders can bid on multiple items (although some retailers may have restrictions on the number of winning gift cards that can be used per transaction). Every bid placed could potentially be the winning bid, so please, participate carefully and mindfully. Every bid placed is binding and constitutes a legal agreement from the bidder to Village Media Inc. to purchase the item for the bid amount entered by the bidder.

iii.) Retraction

You can only retract a bid if it is obvious to Village Media Inc. that the bid was erroneous, like if you meant to bid $50 but bid $500 on a $100 item.  If this occurs, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or call 1-855-998-2464 ext. 0.

iv.) Credit Cards - Authorized Holds and Collection

Bidding on an item requires you to provide a valid credit card, which a winning bid amount will be charged to at the conclusion of the auction. Placing a bid will authorize a transaction on your credit card and place a hold in that amount on the card. Subsequent bids on the same item will supersede and replace that authorized hold on the card.

Bids on separate items will result in multiple authorized holds on the credit card -- one for each of those bid amounts. It is important to note that an authorized hold on a credit card reduces your available credit. For example, bidding $50 on ten different items will result in ten $50 holds placed on the card, for a total of $500.

An authorized hold will be removed from your card if and when you are outbid on that item.  It may take up to a week for your bank to process the removing of an authorized hold.

Winning bid amounts will be charged to credit cards at the conclusion of the auction, and all outstanding authorized holds will be removed.

v.) Conclusion

Within 24 hours of the conclusion of the auction, all winning bids will be processed. Winners will be notified by email, and the winning bid amounts will be charged to the credit cards provided.

3) Delivery

At the conclusion of the auction, winning bidders will be notified of any items they have won. This email will include instructions for the delivery of the item(s).

Delivery of the item(s) varies by item. Some may need to be collected from participating businesses, some may need to be mailed out, while some may need to be collected from a predetermined location on a certain day.

All winning bidders will be required to complete a release form upon collecting their item(s) to confirm delivery of said item(s).

4) Restrictions

Participants in this auction are also subject to our broader Community Guidelines.

Gift cards or gift certificates have no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for such.

5) Who may participate?

Unless otherwise stated, each Auction is open only to Canadian residents (excluding residents of Quebec) who have reached the age of majority as of the date of entry. In the event an Auction is identified as being open to individuals who are under the age of majority, those individuals who are under the age of majority must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to participate in the Auction in accordance with these General Contest Rules.

For each Auction, the following individuals are NOT eligible to participate:

a) employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of: 

  • (i) Village Media or its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates; 
  • (ii) any Contest co-sponsors or prize suppliers as may be identified by Village Media from time to time, or
  • (iii) any and all other companies associated with the Auction;

b) a household member of any of the individuals listed in (a), above, whether or not related; and

c) members of the immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling) of the individuals listed in (a), above.