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Guelph Non-Commercial Services Offered

For private or non-profit use only.  Businesses should post in our "Local Sales and Special Offers" category, which is featured prominently throughout GuelphToday.

🎉 Candle Making Birthday Party - For all ages 🎉

🥳 Are you stuck what to do for the next birthday celebration? 🥳 We're excited to be part of the birthday festivities and look forward to creating an unforgettable experience that everyone will
Lexi & Joey

📢 Hey Sports Fans - Meet your fundraising goals 📢

📢 Hey Schools & Sports Teams 📢 Take your fundraising goals to the next level with our Candle Fundraiser! 🌟 WHY FUNDRAISE WITH US? 🌟 🌟 Reach Your Goals Set your own sale price 🌟 No Bulk Buying

Hand drum/voice/didgeridoo/hand pan private one on one classes

If you’re wanting to develop hand drumming skills, sing better and more freely, or play your didj more skillfully: whether for your own use or for perhaps use in a hand drum or other music circle, I