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your studio for strength + movement

We are Ian and Lauryn- small business owners, training partners and students of movement. Join us to add strength and sustainability to your workout practice with simple skills and movement basics. Learn bodyweight, barre and kettlebell exercises in studio or online. We look forward to sharing and staying strong with you. 

the barre 

Learn new movements inspired by our practice in ballet. Start with the feet, strengthen your foundation and follow along to explore movement and feel better with barre skills. With a balance aid of your choice, hang on and learn to improve your balance, hip mobility and enhance your body awareness. 

the kettlebell

When we work on our strength with weights, the kettlebell skills such as the hinge, press, and the Get up, guide our practice.  We use tension techniques and progressive drills to achieve successful lifts.  Grab a light bell and take it for walks or hold it for time. Build grip strength, coordination, power and strength with the kettlebell. 

Our People