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ICYMI: Local photographer captures stunning pictures of Aurora borealis

In his hunt for the northern lights this weekend, Raghuvamsh Chavali had an encounter 'with nature's most mystical spectacle'

This article was previously published on GuelphToday.

A Guelph photographer had a ‘mystical’ experience capturing the northern lights, or aurora borealis, this weekend. 

“I always wished for a day when everyone could see the stunning northern lights in places like Yellowknife, Yukon, and beyond. Many folks dream of this but can't afford the trip,” Raghuvamsh Chavali said in an email. 

Chavali, who came to Canada from India in 2021, always hoped one day the northern lights would shine across Canada, and that wish came true on May 10 and 11. 

“The KP index was at a whopping nine, and the sky was clear, making the northern lights visible to almost everyone due to a strong solar storm,” he said. 

Chavali also had some luck capturing the Northern Lights in March and September 2023 as well. 

“Capturing the ethereal dance of the northern lights is an experience that transcends mere photography; it's an encounter with nature's most mystical spectacle,” he said. 

One of the photos this time around was taken in Collingwood. 
It resembles a scene out of Hindu mythology, with a Shiva Linga in the foreground, a crescent moon in the background and “dancing auroras that evoke the image of the goddess Ganga.”

“In Hindu tradition, the Shiva Linga represents the formless aspect of Lord Shiva, depicted as a cylindrical pillar. The moon holds significance in Shiva's story, as Chandra, the moon god, was cursed and found solace by placing the moon on Shiva's head,” he said. 

“Ganga, personified as a celestial river, descended from the heavens to cleanse humanity's sins. In the mythology, Shiva caught her in his hair to prevent her descent from devastating the earth. So, Ganga is often portrayed flowing from Shiva's locks, symbolizing purification, salvation, and the continuous flow of life.”


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