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MEET WARD 2 CANDIDATE ... Raymond Sartor

In their own words, candidates tell us a little bit about themselves and where they stand on the issues
Raymond Sartor Head Shot
Raymond Sartor

In their own words, candidates tell us a little bit about themselves and where they stand on the issues. A different ward will be featured each evening this week.

Who is Raymond Sartor and why should you elect him for Ward 2 council?  

Raymond Sartor was born and raised in The Ward with family roots in Guelph for over 100 years. Sartor currently  resides in Ward 2 and cares about Guelph. 

As a businessman, Sartor is a driven, down-to-earth, strategic thinker  who gets things done. Sartor is fiscally responsible with a debt-free record. Sartor will not allow another single dime more than already allotted to be spent on the new library project.  

Sartor’s skillset will enhance Guelph council, moreover, Sartor is aligned with Mayor Guthrie’s vision for the Royal City and is  exclusively endorsed by former Guelph MP Frank Valeriote. 

Sartor works smart and has had a highly successful business career, owning several profitable companies. Sartor will champion affordability for his constituents and will NOT vote to spend  irresponsibly.

Sartor has travelled the world extensively and has lived in Paris, Mexico and China; while lecturing at a university in Xi’an. Sartor has an  impressive track record of personal achievements including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekking the Inca Trail. Sartor has come full circle, choosing to return to live and invest in his hometown. 

Raymond Sartor believes in Guelph and wants to ‘Make it Shine.'

Elect Sartor Ward 2 - ‘Make it Shine’ platform proposal:*

  • Hospital/Health Care (Fast-track another Hospital and more long-term care facilities with  the province 
    • Sartor goes on record saying that he will vote for and champion continued support of Guelph’s new hospital plan to have a new hospital for the Royal City in less than 10 years. 
    • Crime prevention (tough on grime)
  • Downtown revival (make “the heart of the city” shine)
  • Better road conditions (congestion, pot holes, parking, snow removal, GO service) 
  • Affordable attainable housing (properly planned, meaningful builds) Sartor will motion council to  have the derelict brownfield IMICO site (200 Beverly St.) shovel-ready  for a beautiful housing asset in less than four years. 
  • Seniors/grey power (FREE Guelph Transit and priority municipal parking to those  residents 55 years + (paid by private sector) 
  • Don’t mess with The Ward (A vote for Sartor is a vote to protect The Ward — The Ward  deserves better) 
  • Carbon neutral by 2050  (leaders in Ontario objective) 
  • Pet friendly (more pristine dog parks, no fee’ pet licences (paid by private sector) 

*Raymond Sartor will immediately motion council when elected.



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