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We know that kids love technology, games, and having fun with their friends; and that parents want their kids to have the best and brightest future possible. At Code Ninjas, we seek to help kids learn to code through our engaging game-based curriculum that teaches homework, logic, math, and problem solving. Kids gain vital skills while having a blast!

Code Ninjas believes that there has never been a more exciting time to advance our culture - starting with our youngest ones. Each kid deserves the chance to unlock their innate, unlimited capacity to learn. Whether or not your child chooses to pursue coding as a career, we strive to provide kids with skills that will help them realize, and pursue their dreams.

Coding is fun and rewarding!

  • The New Literacy - Coding is going to be as important to your kids as a second language.
  • Problem Solving - Identify the problem and find the solution. Sounds easy, but it's not!
  • Math Skills - Math is built into coding, Students will go well beyond their grade level.
  • It's a Lot of Fun - Your child should ALWAYS want to come to Code Ninjas. No fighting!
  • Teamwork - Almost all development involves a team in today's world.
  • Invest in Their Future - Don't you wish that you had learned to code at their age?

Most importantly, we work with families to provide their children with a safe and encouraging environment to develop and hone their skills necessary for a bright future. With state of the art security systems, and a caring team of Coding Senseis, you can be sure that your child is gaining useful skills, in a safe and secure facility. We look forward to earning your trust.

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