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At Oxford Learning, we pride ourselves on taking a decidedly different approach. Rather than heavy memorization, Oxford Learning shifts the focus from what your child is learning, to how your child is learning. Rather than hiring a tutor year after year - trust Oxford Learning to give your child the skills he or she needs to deal with today's school struggles, and helping him or her to develop thinking and learning skills that will be used for the rest of their life!

Oxford Learning offers a number of different specialized programs:

  • Proprietary Curriculum: Cognitive Learning
  • Interactive Coaching
  • Dynamic Assessments
  • Fully Trained, Knowledgeable Tutors
  • Customized Programs
  • Self-Esteem Development

Oxford Learning strives to help how children feel about the entire concept of school, and learning. We know that motivation is key to school success, which is why we help students find what motivates them. Helping our students stay on track, and looking ahead to their inevitable success encourages us to provide only the most effective tutoring services available in the Guelph region.

At Oxford Learning, we tutor a number of subject areas, including:

  • English tutoring
  • ESL tutoring
  • French tutoring
  • Homework help tutoring
  • Math tutoring
  • Reading tutoring
  • Science tutoring

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