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Community Builders Awards: Alex Fisher celebrated for making a positive impact on families in Guelph

This year’s Young Leader, Alex Fisher, helps build the community through their work at the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington

Over the past year, Alex Fisher has made a huge difference at the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.

They have worked tirelessly to improve systems and build meaningful partnerships with other community organizations so that families supported by the Children’s Foundation can be more efficiently and effectively served.

With Alex’s passion for active transportation and successful sourcing of supplies when they were limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation was able to launch a pilot project to provide new bikes, helmets and locks to 100 families across the city.

They have also worked closely on the development of a new online system for the Adopt-A-Family program, ensuring that 1,431 families were matched to community donors.

Additionally, Alex joined the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition’s Data and Performance Working Group and has been pivotal in helping to establish and steer a community-led data collection project that prioritizes data sovereignty and ethics in order to track progress towards a more inclusive, welcoming, accepting and supportive organization.

Alex’s passion for educating the community at large on LGBTQ2SI+ issues is helping to make Guelph a healthier, more inclusive and supportive place.

The Young Leader Award is presented to an individual under the age of 25 who is actively involved in worthwhile community service and shows a commitment to making the community a better place for others.

Congratulations, Alex! 

This award is proudly sponsored by Danby Appliances.


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