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Adopt Me: Imp is the sweetest wobbly kitten (adopted)

She is great with children, dogs and other cats

GuelphToday, in partnership with Kitty Purrfect Companions of Norfolk, brings you this feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Meet Imp! This teensy kitten looks just like a baby bear cub. 

She has the most intense and stunning eyes. She is very tender and gentle and loves to be pet. 

Imp likes to push her body up against yours, stretch out then fall asleep purring.

Imp has a very mild form of wobbly cat syndrome. She can jump and play like any other cat, but sometimes her back legs wobble a bit. It's actually adorable. It doesn't impede her in any way and she keeps up with the four other cats in the house very easily.

Imp has also made friends with two dogs and has zero fear of them! 

She doesn't mind being picked up and snuggled, so she would also be great with younger children.

Impykins (our pet name for her) is just the sweetest little girl if you are looking for a kitty to absolutely fall in love with.

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