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Mom of the House: Loneliness and isolation seemed to be a trend in motherhood

In this week, Brianna talks to Tamsen Taylor about her Parent Resource Portal and how to connect with other mothers and businesses.
Mom of the House with Brianna Bell

I have always been quiet and reclusive, ever since I can remember.

As an only child with a hard working single mother I became accustomed to my own company, the sound of silence, and being queen of the channel changer.

I was in for a big surprise when I married my husband and we started having kids quickly after.

Today, I’m lucky if I get to enjoy my own company for a few hours, and the sound of silence scares me a bit. Oh, and I have long lost my reign over the channel changer.

As someone who is introverted and shy, it’s easy for me to isolate myself and become comfortable in my own solitude. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I started to really feel loneliness. Here I was, with a house full of activity and noise, and now I felt completely alone?

As I began to connect with other mothers, I learned that I wasn’t the only one. Loneliness and isolation seemed to be a trend in motherhood, especially in those early years. Finding connection to others can be difficult and daunting, but also imperative to thriving in the early stages of motherhood.

Tamsen Taylor knows exactly where I’m coming from. She’s a mom to her five-year-old son, and she has followed her passion and start her own business connecting local moms and business owners.

As an entrepreneur, Taylor has a lot of projects going, but they all have one key theme: connecting local moms, breaking the barriers of isolation, and helping local business owners get the word out.

Taylor’s website, the Parent Resource Portal, is a resource for parents looking for connection and information. Taylor has a PhD in cognitive psychology, and uses her research skills and knowledge to gather information all in one place, or portal, for parents.

“There’s lots in the city for parents, but it’s hard to find what’s available,” said Taylor, of the various resources and events throughout Guelph.

This is where she comes in. Taylor connects parents to events, organizations, community resources, and each other.

A recent article that appeared on the Parent Resource Portal offers insight and information for mothers that are breastfeeding. Taylor shares her own experience as a mother, but also provides thoughtful research, links to demonstration videos, drop-in centres located in Guelph, telephone help lines, and much more.

“I love connecting people,” said Taylor, who said she understands the loneliness and isolation of motherhood and wants to help moms find each other and have a positive experience.

Taylor says that she chooses not to charge parents for her resource, and instead runs a business model similar to many bloggers. She offers her website for free, but she has like-minded local sponsors who are offered advertising space on her website.

“I am careful about who I choose as my sponsors,” said Taylor.

Another passion of Taylor’s is helping mothers in Guelph and the surrounding area who are wanting to opt out of the 40-hour work week. She notices many mothers who want to find a way to earn an income without having to work full-time hours. Taylor understands, and enjoys helping mothers connect to different work-from-home opportunities, while also supporting and encouraging their success.

A recent project launched by Taylor helps connect family focused and businesses with local parents. A local event can be published free of charge, while events that charge a ticket price can be included for a fee, with the option for tickets to be purchased through the website.

Taylor hopes to connect local businesses, events, and work from home businesses over the holiday season.

“I think it’s so important to support the local economy over the holidays,” she added.

Visit Tamsen Taylor’s Parent Resource Portal, or visit her Facebook page Tamsen Connects.

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