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City to reinstate bus fares, parking fees next month

City says bus fares will resume on or around July 6
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The City of Guelph has announced it will start charging to ride the bus again as well as parking fees "on or around July 6," subject to council approval.

A recommendation to resume transit fares will come to a council meeting on June 17.

Cash fares will be permitted but riders will be encouraged to use reloadable passes.

"Staff will resume bus pass sales on or around July 6 in a way that protects the health and safety of customers and employees," says the report to council.

All pass and reloadable card purchases can be made at Guelph Transit and ServiceGuelph, as well as potentially at Sleeman Centre, River Run Centre and via a mobile vehicle at Guelph Central Station if the demand is there.

Cash sales will be limited to ServiceGuelph and Guelph Transit.

Transit pass holders will be able to trade in their paid March 2020 pass in exchange for a preloaded July pass card, free of charge. This is applicable to both full fare and affordable bus passes.

The city will extend eligibility for existing affordable bus pass holders through to Sept. 7 without requiring riders to renew.

Daily and monthly parking fees will also resume on or around July 6.

Permit holders who paid for the month of March will be able to use their permit in July, free of charge. Monthly permit fees would then be resumed on Aug. 1.

The city will hold parking availability until Sept. 1 for existing permit holders who may not be able to use their permits immediately after July 6 because they aren’t returning to work or because their businesses remain closed due to COVID19. In this case, permit holders won’t be required to pay for permits they aren’t using; the city will allow them to place a hold on their spots, and reactivate their permits on Sept. 1.