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Letter: Downey Road speed cushions and road markings

Ellen has concerns regarding traffic in the Kortright Hills area
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GuelphToday has received the following letter to the editor from a Guelphite who is concerned about speeders in her neighbourhood.

We live in the Kortright Hills section of Guelph and we have been greatly affected by recent changes in roads and bridges. The city has installed speed cushions, curbs, pedestrian islands and painted bike lanes on Downey Road to calm the traffic.

The city website states that a study was done in the fall of 2016 of traffic on this road and they found that traffic lights and a roundabout were not warranted based on the traffic volume.

The Niska bridge was closed to traffic at the end of February 2017. I think an article in your newspaper stated that the Niska bridge carried 4,000 cars per day.

Now that the bridge is closed we have no way out of Kortright Hills except via Downey Road. Hence an additional 4,000 cars are on Downey Road.

The lanes are reduced and the road markings make no sense. The cones were removed from the worksite this week and today there was an accident at Downey and Pheasant Run.

The speeding cars come into the area driving north on Downey, but the traffic calming measures are in the southbound lanes. The speed cushions will be a hazard to cyclists and snow ploughs. Add some school bus stops and children walking to school and we have a dangerous situation.

Thank you,
Ellen Thomas
Pheasant Run Drive